29 Nov

Today we are sharing our first highlighted blog with you.

Amy over at Why Amy Smiles is keeping it real today on her blog. In her post titled “My Imperfect Life” Amy shares that even though she tries to find something to smile about every day, the truth is “things are not always “sunshine and rainbows.” Here is a snapshot of Amy’s post for today. To read the rest of her post just click the title below.

My Imperfect Life

It’s hard to imagine anyone thinking I have “the perfect life.” (I giggled just typing that phrase!) But just in case I’ve given anyone that impression, I want to set the record straight. Right here. Right now.
This is a blog about why I smile. I share with you the happy parts, hoping they’ll make you happy, too.
But trust me: Things aren’t always all “sunshine and rainbows” around here!
I have bad hair days.
 lose my temper.
 let the laundry pile up. (See More)
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Why Amy Smiles – “My Imperfect Life”

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