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We are pcindy colleyleased to highlight Bless Your Heart by Cindy Colley.
Cindy is faithfully serving the Lord as helper to her husband Glenn as he ministers and shepherds the flock at the West Huntsville church of Christ in Huntsville, AL. She has the authored five books and co-authored several more.  The latest book “Cindy Colley on Homeschooling 77 Things You Should Know” is a wonderful resource for all homeschooling  families. Cindy successfully trained up 2 children through homeschooling and they both have gone on to serve the Lord faithfully in their own lives.
Cindy teaches women in Bible  classes, ladies days, online facebook groups, lectureships as well as one on one in her own home. She also leads and facilitates an online bible study for women called “Digging Deep in God’s Word.” This year the group is studying the topic of “Sanctified” and is open to any woman who desires to dig deep to find the meat of the word.  This study includes a monthly podcast where women can come together from all over the world to open God’s word as Cindy leads the discussion.
Cindy and her family share a web page called “The Colley House” where you can find wonderful study resources, links to faithful sites and blogs by various family members including Cindy’s blog “Bless Your Heart.” This week Cindy has posted a wonderful two part series called The Parable of the Talents.
Here is a little preview with links for seeing both of the articles in there entirety. Ladies, we hope you enjoy reading Cindy Colley as much as we do.

Time passes at breakneck speed once a person reaches fifty. I’m putting away the Christmas decorations once again and I just cannot fathom that it could have possibly been 365 days since I last completed this ritual. It’s just a potent reminder that my life is zooming by and if there is anything that simply must be done, I’d better get at it.

Thus, for the next couple of installments, I hope it will be profitable for us to look at Jesus’ story about the talents. It’s a really good reminder every time I study that He is coming back and there will be an accounting of the use I’ve made of His time, His goods and the life He has given me on this earth. The accounting will seal my eternal destiny.

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The Parable of The Talents: Part Two

All servants are different.

Each servant was dealt a different measure of talents. That is simply profound! If every Christian woman had the same strengths yielding the same potential, what a boring sisterhood we would be! If we were all like Cindy Colley, we would all be talking all the time and no one would be listening. Everyone would be serious and no one would make us laugh. We would all be decent class teachers, but no one would be any good at bulletin boards. We would all be decent at hospitality in the home, but not as good at getting to the hospital or sending cards. Oh, and we would all have to really work overtime on the submission thing! You get the point. It’s the point Paul made in I Corinthians 12:14-20:

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The Parable of the Talents: Part Three

The dividends of the investment are not always direct and immediate.

It’s interesting that the unfaithful servant stated that his fear was born of his understanding that the Lord expected to reap where he had not sowed (v.25). His lord went on in verse 26 to acknowledge the accuracy of that statement.  What does it mean to reap where you have not sowed and to gather where you have not strawed?

I’ve often thought about the many unexpected blessings that daily come to me because I have chosen to give my abilities in His service.  Sometimes the avenue of opportunity that I see may not be the one the Lord chooses for His greatest glory.

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The Parable of the Talents: Part Four

This week I finally took the time to sort and mail all of the wonderful cards of encouragement that you sent to women during the holidays. I was possibly the woman who was encouraged most of all because I now know that you are out there, you are reading and you really do care about our great sisterhood. There were stacks of this mail and it was a bit reminiscent of the courtroom scene on “Miracle on 34th Street.” It made me really believe. Of course, it wasn’t about Santa Claus, but it made me believe in our power, as God’s women to bring glory to Him. It made me sure of the reality of your spirit of compassion. I cannot recall being so blessed by a show of support for each other as sisters. Thank you for responding so generously of your time and effort. Entire congregations of women participated. Lone women in remote places participated. I cannot imagine a way that such an outpouring could fail to bless the lives of the ten women to whom the mail was, at last, addressed.

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The Parable of the Talents: Part Five

There is a fear of God that is counter-productive.

Obviously, the one talent man let his fear of the wrath of his lord inhibit his faithful service to him. While the scriptures clearly teach that our God is a God of wrath in the presence of rebellion, the scriptures plainly teach that He is longsuffering to those who obey him and not willing that any should perish (II Peter 3:9). (It’s interesting that this passage about God’s longsuffering nature is in the context of one of the descriptions of the last day.) I recently studied with a friend who obeyed the gospel with a tender penitence and a will to learn and grow

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The Parable of the Talents: Part Six

Talents: Use them or Lose them!

I don’t even need to illustrate this to women See More…

Cindy Colley, Blessing the Hearts of Faithful Women

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