06 Jan
Ladies, do you struggle with getting your home organized? Do you often feel bogged down by all the housework that needs to be done? Is your laundry becoming an overwhelming task that makes you feel like you will never catch up? If you answered, yes, to any of the above questions then one of our team members, Sharla Orren, has solutions for you. Starting today, she is writing a blog series to help you learn to simplify your cleaning routine.
Sharla’s blog, “Look At What You Are Seeing,” focuses on Godly living and how to see the joy in homeschooling, homemaking, living naturally and living frugally. Her blog title has deep meanings for she and her family. It’s a statement they use to remind themselves to realize where their blessings lie, instead of focusing on what they might be missing.
Sharla is wife to Robert who is the Youth and Family Minister at the Hope Church of Christ in Hope, AR. She is mom to 2 young boys, ages 3 and 7. She spends the first half of her days as director and preschool teacher at The Southwest Arkansas Christian School and the other half teaching her boys at home. Sharla takes great joy in serving her family with intention while gladly accepting the role which God has blessed her with.
Sharla’s series: “Taking Control of Your Time” is going to offer you    small things to try to see if they fit with your families lifestlye. Here is a preview, be sure to click on through to read the full posting. While there make sure you become a regular follower, especially if you want to see the entire series.

Taking Control of Your Time

I am very excited to get started on this series. It will last several weeks. I am just going  to give you small things to do so you can test them out, see if you like them ,and see  if they will fit with your family’s lifestyle. Be sure to subscribe to my blog and/or “like“me on Facebook to stay posted on all the upcoming topics in the series.

I started reading and trying different methods of cleaning and organizing not long after I got married, around 14 years ago. Most of them either had a long process in order to implement or took up too much time from my day or week. I get overwhelmed very easily, so I have to do things that are easy to do and easy to carry through from week to week. I finally came up with a plan that for me is quick and easy for me.   In this series I will be giving you different thing to do in small segments so that you don’t become overwhelmed or want to give up. You will probably need to tweak these ideas in order for them to fit your family’s lifestyle.  My hope is that you will continue to  use these ideas,  and that they will help you use your extra time for Bible study, making memories with your family, traveling, and  anything other than cleaning and organizing.

The first step to getting your house organized is… See More

Part 2 

Part 3

Looking At Simplifying the Homemaking Process


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