08 Jan


The blog “Trains & Tutus” is a collaborative effort by two best friends, Laura and Amanda. They’ve been friends since they were 7 years old when they attended the same congregation. Through school, marriage, children, laughter and tears they have continued  to grow stronger in their bond; learning to lean on each other while striving to live Godly lives.


“Trains and Tutu’s” came to be because Mama “Train,“a.k.a Amanda is the mother of 4 boys and Mama “Tutu,” a.k.a. Laura is the mother of 3 girls. Between the two of them they bring many life experiences to their blog postings. They share it all, marriage, finances, homeschooling, health problems, parenting joys and sorrows, cooking, photography and much more. They share their lives: the joys, sorrows, frustrations and elation; honestly, without holding back when it comes to the tough stuff. These two friends hope that through their 


honest review of their lives they will bless and encourage others in their own life journeys.
Today: we are highlighting one of Mama Tutu’s post’s about struggling to overcome her fear of the unknown. Preferring the routine of day-to-day life, she discovers that sometimes if you step outside your comfort zone you will find that God has some marvelous surprises in store for you and that they sometimes come wrapped in a free package that can bring much joy to your family.
Be sure to click on through to read the whole article but here’s a little preview of Laura’s Post:

Choosing Adventure over my Comfort Zone

I am not what you would call an adventurer. I am a home-body. I’m not really an introvert, but more of a lover of the routine. I like what I like. I could eat the same food for 5 days in a row for lunch and be fine with that. I don’t like leaving my comfort zone. I am easily “scared” by new places and situations. I get anxious walking in Downtown areas.

My husband, on the other hand, is an adventurer. He likes to be spontaneous and “on-the-go.” He doesn’t like leftovers, and things that would give me an ulcer he thinks nothing of. His comfort zone is apparently much larger than mine. So, as you can imagine, in the past we have had more than one heated “disagreement” concerning my immediate negativity when he brings up the idea of a spontaneous adventure. I am trying to do better.

Enter the Colorado challenge. Kevin had to travel to Colorado for work. His great idea… since the kids are homeschooled, he could get permission to drive instead of fly and we can all go. We could do school in the hotel and the kids would get to see snow. Of course, they were ALL over that idea.

Me, my inside voice is screaming, “What?!?! See More

Mama Tutu Learns That Perfect Love Casts Out Fear


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