10 Jan
Leo Woodman is faithfully serving the Lord as a Gospel Preacher. He currently preaches at the Kittery church of Christ in Kittery Maine. He has been with the Kittery congregation for two years and prior to that he worked to help establish a congregation in Sabattus, ME for six years. 

Leo Woodman

Leo has been married to the lovely Rowena for 27 years, they have 3 grown children. He writes several times a week on his blog “The Gospel Beacon.” It is there that he shares essays, sermons, book reviews and much more as another means of sharing the gospel with the world. 
In his latest article Leo reminds us that the world is passing away. He shares his thoughts on the verse from 1 John 2:17 and then asks his readers to look into their hearts to determine where their hearts lie. 

The World is Passing Away

And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.  1 John 2:17

John is letting his readers know that this world that we are so enthralled with is temporary. It is passing away. Our time on it and in it is fleeting. We need to look to the future in our faith. If we choose to stay on the path we have chosen in Christ we will live forever. But conversely if we give in to the desires of this life they will quickly slip away. See More…

Leo’s Beacon Reminds Us to Rest in Hope

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