14 Jan

Amanda Hilburn

Amanda Hilburn spends her days striving to be what God wants her to be. Her days are filled with homemaking, homeschooling, blogging on her 2 blogs, running her Etsy shop, oh, and creating the art that she sells there. She is married to Jason who is a preacher with the Nesbit congregation in Nesbit Mississippi. They have been blessed with two children whom she is teaching diligently at home. She talks about her home, homeschooling and family life on her blog “Teach Them Diligently.” She also wrote and published her own e-book “Pieces of the Past” which helps homeschool families and I suppose even bible class teachers to build their own historical timeline from a biblical perspective.
When asked how she finds time to fit it all in she responded “I have to prioritize DAILY and pray a lot to make sure I’m prioritizing correctly! I make lists and stay up really late at night most of the time!” Sounds like she is trusting in the Lord to guide her.  
Amanda didn’t start out in life thinking she would one day be an artist with her own Etsy shop AmandaHilburnART, but she has discovered that God has granted her a 


measure of artistic talent and she is choosing to use it to honor him. Often her art is a reflection of her faith. She says, “I am daily inspired by the world around me and try my best to capture what I see on canvas. I work with acrylics and hope to offer others affordable original paintings of bright, bold, and beautiful landscapes. These are not prints of an original, but one-of-a-kind paintings!” 
She says that she uses everything from acrylic paint to super glue as her mediums. She offers work on canvas, frames, calendars and even items in knit. Amanda also offers customized work to fit the personal requests of her clients. From birds and trees to buttons and baubles Amanda’s ecclectic style echoes the crafty lifestyle her mother raised her in. 
She shares her love for art on her other blog Amanda Hilburn Art. Here is a look at her most current post where she shares her story of how she came to be an artist…

Amanda’s Story

“An artist is only a prism through which naturally occurring beauty is altered, according to his or her perception. The only true artist is God, for all true beauty is created by Him.”

– Anonymous
I’m often asked when I started painting and if I took any classes to learn how. I thought I’d take a minute to share my story with you all.
First of all, I’ve never taken any formal art classes. I did a little bit of drawing in high school, but I’ve never been taught HOW to paint. However, when I was young I was immersed in a crafty, nature loving environment that I believe helped light a fire of creativity inside me that has always been there.. Here….let me explain.   See More…
Be sure to visit Amanda at her blogs, her Etsy shop or even on her facebook community page, Art by Amanda Hilburn. You never know, you just might find the perfect, one of a kind, piece of artwork for your own home.

Honoring God Through Artistic Expression

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