23 Jan

Stacy K

Australian born, Stacy moved to the U.S. to marry her preacher husband. They have 3 children whom they are homeschooling as they train them up in the Lord. She says, “It is my goal to have a home full of joy and peace. Be sure to note the word goal.  This is something I am striving for and working on.  I’m a real Mom like you.  Some days are more successful than others.”
On Stacy’s blog “A Deligthful Home” you will find motivation to look to God for peace and joy while on your spiritual journey, homemaking tips and tools, recipes, healthy living, matters on motherhood and activities for the kids. She takes her title from  the Proverbs 31 woman who worked with her hands in delight (Proverbs 31:13).  She prays we do the same as we serve our families to His glory.
She has written her own e-book: “Simple Scrubs to Make and Give” which is available as either a downloadable pdf or for Kindle from In it you will find over 30 different scrub combinations with ingredient guide, buying guide and essential oils guide with step-by-step instructions.  I dare say if you use Pinterest you have probably seen it and not even known it was written by a sister in the Lord. 

A Delightful Home

On her latest post Stacy reminds mom’s to pay attention to their children. Sometimes we need to put down the electronics, turn off the tv and just really focus on our little ones. Stacy shares how she was reminded of this,  in “How to be a lovely-lovely mommy.”



How to be a lovely-lovely mommy

I stumbled across the living room in the early morning, trying to scoop my 3 year old from her bed before she woke her siblings. She likes to call, “Mommy” as soon as her eyes open. I sat her on the counter to chat with me while I got the coffee ready then proceeded to turn on my iPod. On those mornings, when I’m extra tried and groggy, scrolling through Facebook, email, and Instagram helps me wake up. It didn’t take long for my little girl to say, “Turn your iPod off, mommy.” I said I would, in just a minute.

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You can find Stacy at her blog “A Delightful Home” or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Stop in and say “hi” and let her know you found her here at R16:16.


Motherhood Reminder Comes in Unexpected Ways

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