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19 Feb

As a children’s Bible class teacher do you struggle with finding good, quality, and sound ideas or activities for your class? Are you tired of doing the same program year after year but aren’t sure how to update or make changes to the content? Have you hit a wall when trying to find ideas to keep the children’s interest while still wanting to teach them the truth from the Bible? Debbie Jackson knows just how you feel.

After years of creating her own supplies, coming up with her own plans and finding ways to make it child friendly, up to date, and interesting; in June of 2012 she decided to start a blog called Bible Fun for Kids for the purpose of sharing her ideas with other teachers who needed fresh ideas from a sound source.  When you look at her blog you will be surprised that is was only started 8 months ago. She obviously has worked tirelessly at putting it together in an easy to navigate format.

Bible Fun for Kids banner


When I first discovered her blog last fall, I did like all good Bible class teachers do and started looking for a statement of faith or source of information as to the doctrinal beliefs of the author. When I saw Great Oaks church of Christ listed in the side bar, I got excited thinking how great it was to find a sister. Doing my due diligence I clicked on over to their site to check their doctrinal foundations as well and was pleased with what I found. I have been using ideas from Debbie’s blog ever since. After looking through much of her material I messaged her to ask if she would be willing to join our directory. I’m happy to say she is now a listed directory member.

Debbie herself has taught Bible Classes for every age group from nursery through high school. Having previously attended a smaller congregation, I am sure teachers were few so she filled in wherever she was needed. She says she really likes 2nd grade.

Deb's LabelsAt Debbie’s blog you will find each category that she has material listed for under “Labels” in the sidebar. Once you click on a label you will be taken directly to all the posts which contain material related to that label. For example; if you are looking for material related to, let’s say, Baptism, then you would scroll down the sidebar until you find “Baptism (4).” The (4) means there are 4 postings related to the topic of “Baptism.” Once you click “Baptism (4)” you will be taken to a page showing each of the four listings. From there you can choose the content that is most appropriate to your selected study.  Currently Debbie has 85 categories listed from A-Z. Some are specific to Bible Category topics and others are specific to the type of material that is available.

One of the things Debbie likes to do most in her classes is to have hands on material for the students to work on. Whether it be a worksheet, a file folder game or even a lapbook lesson, she wants her students to be engaged in the lessons. She finds that material is better remembered when the child has actively participated in class.

Here are some examples of the types of material that Debbie has come up with.
Debjackson, worksheet


debjackson lapbook

Life of Paul Lapbook

DebJackson, who am I

Who Am I?

So maybe you’re thinking, ‘Those are some great graphics, but what about copyright?‘ Don’t worry. Debbie has thought of that too. She has gone the extra mile and gotten permission or ensured free usage of all graphics used. She includes direct links for material that isn’t her own but that allow downloads from the precise website. For worksheets such as the one to the left, those are created by Debbie and she has linked them directly to a pdf document where you can download or print, as is, without having to re-create the proverbial wheel. If an item or material is not available for your usage, but she is sharing the idea, she includes that information in the post so that you know, up front, it’s an idea to be used not a download to be had. Additionally, for each of these type of materials Debbie gives you all of the appropriate content. For instance, as you can imagine doing a lapbook on the life of Paul can be time consuming to find all the little mini-books and flap pages. Again, don’t worry, Debbie includes each part of the lapbook so all you need to do is download, or print, make the appropriate number of copies and your set to go.

debjackson life of jesus

Now I can imagine you are thinking; ‘This all sounds great. What’s it cost?’ That’s the best part. It’s all FREE. Debbie is offering all of this on her blog for free. She sees it as a service to the Lord and only wants to lovingly share her materials with other children’s Bible class teachers. Having taught in a small congregation she knows that often money is tight, she knows first had the difficulties in ‘making it work.’ So she has set out to help teachers to serve God in this particular area of ministry.  All she asks for in return is that if you share her materials with others or if you Pin to Pinterest or any other site on the web, that you give credit where it is due, to her.

Speaking of Pinterest. Let me tell you about Debbie Jackon’s Pinterest Boards. She is quite the Pinner, her boards are fantastic! They are categorized by subject. Similar to how she has labelled her categories on her blog she has created boards each with a general category, say “Moses for Kids” or “Kings in the Old Testament” or “Jesus and His Miracles.” Each of the boards are displayed on her Pinterest page in Biblical order with Old Testament listed first from creation down through New Testament gospels and the Epistles. On her boards she pins not only material from her own page but ideas from around the web that she likes and feels confident in trying in her own classes. Not all of these ideas come from web sources that are of sound doctrinal faith, but the ideas themselves can be used, so use caution when grabbing material from any such site.

Debbie and her husband Dave are originally from northern Ohio where they raised their family. After attending Freed-Hardeman University her daughter moved to Memphis. So Debbie and Dave soon followed her there where she gets to babysit her grandkids and one other baby. Debbie has 2 small dogs which serve as her constant companions. She likes to do bulletin board designs which she also includes on her blog.   In her spare time she has been mostly updating the class material for the blog. But she also likes to scrapbook, even though she hasn’t been able to since since she moved. She likes to watch football and basketball with Dave, especially, The Ohio State University football team. “O-H…” 

Recently her granddaughter was helping her work with the “Armor of God” material that she hopes to post soon, and she asked Debbie “It’s for nana’s Bible class?”

Debbie responded “Yes, when you are in second grade, you can be in Nana’s Bible class.”

She said “That is gonna be fun!”

What better words could a grandma hear from her precious granddaughter?


Be sure to visit our “Children’s Bible Class” Listing for other great class sites.

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7 responses to “Online Help For Children’s Bible Class Teachers

  1. Rilla Z

    February 19, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    What a fantastic resource for Bible teachers! I’m subscribed to Debbie’s blog via my Reader now. Her hard work will be a great inspiration for my Bible lessons, I know. Thanks so much. And I loved her granddaughter’s sweet comment.

    • admin

      February 19, 2013 at 10:20 pm

      We know you will get lot’s of great ideas from Debbie!

  2. Amanda Embry

    February 28, 2013 at 10:46 am

    What a great resource! I’m not teaching a children’s class right now but I know I will be again soon, so this is good to know about, and I can pass it on to the other ladies who are teaching right now.

    • Admin

      February 28, 2013 at 12:36 pm

      It is a great resource. Don’t forget to check out the blog listing for Faithfulness/Children’s Bible Class you might just find another great site.

  3. Marla Stewart

    March 6, 2014 at 8:38 am

    I love this site and Debbie’s creativity and artistic ability! I was certain that she must be my sister in Christ, and then I found the page about her congregation. I am jumping up and down inside! Thank you, Lord, for Debbie and for leading me to her site.

    • Crystal Hayward

      April 22, 2014 at 8:40 am

      I too am a sister with y’all in Christ. I appreciate all the ideas that are put on the site. it has helped me tremendous. I’ve been teaching off and on for about 45 yrs. Had taught all while my children were growing up and quit when I realized I was teaching something wrong Went back to teaching but am checking the words of the Bible to what the curriculum says. thanks again for all the help and ideas. Branford Fl.


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