Spreading the Gospel with GBN

26 Feb
Have you noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to find good quality programming on television? It seems these days most shows come with a heavy dose of hidden political agenda. It grows more and more important for good men and women in the Lord’s church to seek better options. That’s why we at R16:16 want to share with you the good news about the Gospel Broadcasting Network.

What began as a dream of Barry Gilreath Sr., to offer 24/7 television for the Lord’s church with the goal of being on cable systems throughout the country, has grown to become a network of loving Christians who are working daily to meet that goal and much more. Gospel Broadcasting Network known as GBN began with the support of the Highland church of Christ and it’s leadership in November of 2005 in Ringold, Georgia, offering televised gospel sermons, devotionals and spiritual encouragement. But, like many efforts to spread the truth they were met with difficulties. Larger cable companies were not receptive to the idea of 24 hour gospel programming. 

Over time they have been able to contract with 21 cable companies found mostly in the American southern states and along the eastern seaboard.  They continue to reach out to additional cable companies seeking to be added to their line-up of channels. One of the best ways to get that to happen is for members of the Lord’s church to call their local cable service provider and ask for GBN to be placed on their line-up. But even if your local cable company doesn’t offer this channel or they are unwilling to add it you still have the option of watching all the great GBN programming through broadband television options.

And what is that programming? GBN produces over 15 programs for all age groups including panel discussion Bible studies, gospel sermons, Bible lessons and even children’s programming. Additionally they air productions from congregations and other organizations such as “In Search of the Lord’s Way” produced by the Edmond church of Christ in Oklahoma, “Digger Doug” produced by Apologetics Press and “WVBS In Depth” produced by World Video Bible SchoolOne program “Preaching the Gospel” is available on both Dish Network channel 267 and Direct TV channel 376 on Sunday mornings at 7:30 EST.

Additionally, Gospel Broadcasting Network is available on a live program stream via their website, C-band satellite as well as via Roku. Roku works in conjunction with high speed internet to allow viewers to watch programming on their home television. Using this device viewers have the option of watching the GBN live stream or the VOD (video on demand) archive. The team at GBN has also developed and made available for free, mobile apps, which allow the user to watch GBN programming from anywhere at anytime. 

Gospel Broadcasting Network has also partnered with other great organizations within the brotherhood including: Apologetics PressFocus Press, World Video Bible School, House to House and Heart to Heart, Memphis School of Preaching as well as The East Tennessee School of Preaching. Through these partnerships they are able to continue to expand their programming options, including such programs as live debates, gospel meetings and children’s programming. The GBN website can also be used as an evangelism tool by members of the church. There are videos which teach the truth about baptism and morality. They also offer, free of charge, a Bible study course which can  be ordered and shared with friends. 


In December of 2010 Don Blackwell, who had worked with GBN since it’s inception, was asked to take over the general oversight of the network. He is a graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching and serves as pulpit minister for the North Charleston church of Christ in South Carolina. Previous to being made Executive Director at GBN, he served as director of broadcasting for Truth for the World in Duluth, GA from 2002 to 2006, where he helped to produce television, radio and video programs which have been seen and heard around the world.  

With Don’s direction GBN has continued to grow and many wonderful changes have been made. Including, a move to Southaven Mississippi where they are now working under the eldership of the Southaven church of Christ. They were able to purchase a new facility and in doing so have been able to save $7000 a month in rent. This new facility is located close to the Memphis School of Preaching which allows them to work with the students there to help them further their study of evangelism.

GBN building

GBN would not be possible without support from within the brotherhood. They operate solely upon free-will donations from congregations and members of the Lord’s church. Under Don’s oversight they have worked to reduce debt and work toward operating from a fully funded budget. To that end, any member of the Lord’s church can make either a one time donation or commit to making a monthly donation. To find out more or to contribute to this great work of the church visit the Support GBN page. 

The GBN grand opening and building dedication of it’s new facility in Southaven Mississippi is scheduled for March 30th at 3:00pm. This is the Saturday before the start of the Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship.  Everyone is invited to attend the event. 


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4 responses to “Spreading the Gospel with GBN

  1. Lydia Sherman

    February 26, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    Thanks for this, Renee,. I like Apologetics Press, which was mentioned on the list and have gotten very good replies to Bible questions from them.

    • Admin

      February 27, 2013 at 12:58 am

      Apologetics Press is a great resource. I’m sure as you get to know more about GBN you will find it to be equally helpful.

  2. Rilla Z

    February 27, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    I knew they were going to be in a new building soon, but I didn’t realize it was at the end of March! Great news!

    • Admin

      February 27, 2013 at 4:34 pm

      They are in now. Just holding the grand opening then. 🙂


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