Cup of Coffee Anyone?

28 Feb

CFYC cup

Don’t you just love when a dear sister in the Lord calls you up and says, “Let’s meet for coffee.” It’s not just the coffee that you look forward to, but rather, it’s the filling up of your spiritual cup that you long for the most. You enjoy that time when you can sit, uninterrupted, and share with each other the ups and downs of life in sisterly fellowship.

Have you ever considered that feeling when opening God’s word? Are you letting His words fill your spiritual cup,  in much the same way as when you meet your friend for coffee, so that you can pour forth your love to those around you? That is exactly the encouragement that Erynn Sprouse and her team at “Come Fill Your Cup” want to offer you on a regular basis.

In 2010 Erynn was sitting in the audience at the Affirming the Faith seminar in Oklahoma City when Howard Norton gave the keynote speech about how it’s never to late to accomplish your dreams. His speech that day spurred Erynn to action. She herself had a long time dream to start a type of regular email encouragement for women similar to what Neal Pollard was doing with “Daily Bread,” but she didn’t want to stop with that. She also envisioned a women’s retreat similar to “Workshop in the Word” which is held in Durango Co. for preachers. She says, “I wanted to get women to dig into God’s word in an exegetical, meaty, no-fluff way.”

With these inspirations and dreams in mind Erynn approached Tami Roberts to ask for her help. Her response? She said she had no idea how to start a website, but she did know how to do a retreat. It was Tami and her husband Wayne who came up with the name “Come Fill Your Cup.” Erynn began working on the website, while Tami set out to build the retreat. They held what would become their 1st annual CFYC Spiritual Development Retreat in May of 2011 with about 65 women in attendance in Sedalia, CO at the Eternal Purpose Retreat Center.

Since that time the website has grown and expanded into a full-on ministry. They expanded the team to include 8 additional women. It is through the mighty works of these 10 women of God and His abundant blessings that CFYC has grown to become what you see today.  


If you are unfamiliar with Come Fill Your Cup, let me tell you just a little about what they offer. It is written in blog format with several postings a week that include devotional thoughts, spiritual encouragement, key-topics for women and Bible lessons of various kinds. Erynn herself acts as Administrator and Editor for the page; coming up with monthly themes and making topic suggestions to the writing contributors. Erynn works regularly with about 13 contributing writers to develop content for the blog. She is the creative force behind the blog postings, receiving and editing the articles. When they are ready, she sends them off to Evie Graber who serves as Copy Editor for CFYC. Ashlyn Anderson is an intern with the CFYC team, helping out wherever help is needed. They also receive articles submitted by readers and followers of the blog, so if you are a writer and would like to submit an article for review you can contact Erynn at

The team shares regularly with their readers “Let It Overflow” challenges. These challenges by Editor Chelli Guthrie are designed to take what we as women are learning and put the faith into action. Whether the challenge is a prayer challenge or a challenge to encourage someone specific within the church such as our song leaders, the goal is to let the love flow from our hearts to the hearts of others.

CFYC also offers a monthly podcast called “Fresh Blends” which is produced and hosted by Erin Wells and co-hosted by Lacy Crowell. Fresh Blends is more than you can imagine. It’s an interview show where Erin and Lacy talk with a sister who has gone through difficult times, and is now on the other side, enjoying the “Fresh Blend”that God can make when He takes our bitter beans and turn them into a life of sweet-smelling aroma unto Himself. This podcast is published (pre-recorded) on the first and third Friday of each month. Erin is doing a fantastic job broadening the topic of conversation among women in the church in a loving and gentle way, but with boldness of spirit using scripture as the foundation for all that is discussed.

The team at Come Fill Your Cup also wants to recognize other ministries within the Lord’s church. That’s why Lacy Crowell, the Editor of “Ministry of the Month,” highlights various ministries on a monthly basis. Whether it’s a missionary family who is in need of letters of encouragement, financial support and prayers or it’s a new online e-zine for teens, these highlights are designed to help spread the word about ministries within the body in order to encourage their sister readers to support them in their journey. If you know of a ministry that is in need of encouragement or could use some support you can nominate a ministry of the month to the team.

Team member Kristy Huntsman works as the page maintenance editor keeping the look and feel of the blog up to date. She also has developed an in depth Bible study called “Finer Grounds.” Erynn says of Kristy’s work with these studies, “They’re deep, exegetical and thought provoking and I’ve been astounded by how well she’s done it all.” This study can be downloaded in pdf format and printed. It is a workbook type study that leads you on a journey of exploration of God’s word. It can be printed and copied for use in your own congregations ladies Bible classes. The current study is  from the book of Hosea and it is leading ladies to examine how we are to conduct our lives in our everyday roles. This study has expanded beyond the web pages of Come Fill Your Cup to a CFYC Finer Grounds Bible Study Facebook Discussion Group where women from all over the globe share thoughts on the lessons they are learning and Kristy asks questions which prompt even further discussion. It truly has expanded the online bible study to an online ladies Bible class. You don’t want to miss out on this study which began in January and runs through the end of March. Don’t worry if you are already behind, just print those pages and work at your own pace. 


Additionally, Ashley Hudson is producing a monthly newsletter called “Premium Exports.” This newsletter is available in pdf download format. It highlights one of the theme articles for the month, shares some encouragement and the Ministry of the Month details. It can be printed and shared with ladies in your congregation, and they’ve even added an area for postage so that you can send your newsletter to friends and family members who may not know about or have access to the online version of Come Fill Your Cup.

Let’s not forget about that annual retreat. The Come Fill Your Cup Spiritual Development Retreat continued in 2012 with it’s second annual retreat. Currently registration is open for the 2013 retreat from May 2nd to May 4th.

The cost is $98. This includes…

  • all meals (dinner Thursday; breakfast, lunch and dinner Friday; breakfast and lunch Saturday),
  • some fun snacks
  • lodging for two nights
  • bathroom facilities (including shower)
  • notebook of the speakers’ notes
  • retreat t-shirt
  • a few surprises ;o)

This is not just another ladies’ retreat! This is two days and two nights of serious study of God’s word! This year the study book is 1 Thessalonians and is a chapter by chapter study of the book  The event will also feature uplifting messages from 6 speakers including your hosts, Tami Roberts and Erynn Sprouse.  This retreat takes place in Sedalia, CO at the Eternal Purpose Retreat Center.


I have a secret to share. Well o.k., Erynn asked me to share it so I suppose it’s not a secret anymore. It is some exciting news! The Come Fill Your Cup team is now in the planning stages for a new fall retreat for our sisters east of the Mississippi River. Ideally, they are looking to host this event this coming fall of 2013 in the Nashville, Tennessee area. This is where they need your help. They are looking for a retreat facility and/or a camp where the event can be hosted. If you know of such a place and feel confident that they can get on the schedule, please contact Erynn Sprouse at

As you can see, this dynamic group of ladies have begun a tremendous ministry. They are endeavoring in the work of faith to encourage sisters to study God’s word, receive spiritual encouragement and let that overflow to the hearts of others. You too can be refreshed by clicking over to Come Fill Your Cup and seeing what encouragement is in the cup for you. You also can join the CFYC Facebook Community where Kerstin Allison (Advertising, Promotions) sends daily updates and shots of spiritual espresso for your day.

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One response to “Cup of Coffee Anyone?

  1. Ashley Hudson

    February 28, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Yay for CFYC! Thank you so much for the write-up for the website, it is such a wonderful ministry.


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