Helping Little Princesses Learn to Find Their Prince

26 Mar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen Danna Walters was a mom to a middle school daughter, she spent a good deal of time considering the best way to teach her how to choose a mate. She wanted for her daughter to learn that not every boy is the right boy for her. She wanted to teach her that the right guy was worth waiting for.

What Danna came to realize was that the best time to teach girls this important subject was when they were very little. At the time she was a preschool teacher. She knew that young girls were fascinated with all things princess and she also knew that children in preschool love to be read to. So she wrote a story about a three princesses who are searching for their prince; while using the fruit of the Spirit to teach good morals. She says, “I loved to read to the kids. So, I wrote a story that I could read to my preschool children that would just be a cute, fun to read story with the fruits of the Spirit in it.”

Danna believes that it is a good idea to teach our children the fruit of the Spirit from a very young age. Teaching this lesson on a daily basis to our children is more than just learning to recite the list. It is teaching them how to apply these character traits to their hearts. The earlier they learn to be kind and gentle the better they will be at it in their adult life.

In Danna’s book titled: Every Good Princess Marries a Prince,” she uses the fruit of the spirit to subtly begin teaching lessons on good virtues, self-respect and abstinence. Danna explains, “It’s a story that parents can use to introduce some topics that the book hints at to their children as the need arises. I also use it to introduce a talk to pre-teen and teen girls.” These days, everywhere they look our children are being inundated with images and lessons on sex. Whether it is sex-education classes, social studies class or while watching television our society has deemed that the younger our children are taught ‘safe-sex’ the better. Yet, as Christians we know that this societal view does not please our Father.

Every Good Princess Book Cover

“I feel my book injects Christian morals and teachings to our children who are being bombarded with the world’s view of love and marriage. No age is too young for these teachings!”

This children’s book is available through Tate Publishing and is $8.99. It includes an audio book with purchase. It is also available as an e-book download for $7.99.

Danna met her own prince while living on the island of Guam when she was 16 and he was 17. They attended both school and worship together. He entered the Air Force and when she was 18 they married. They have been married for 31 years and have 2 grown children, a daughter and son, as well as a son, age 17, still at home. They currently live in Euless Texas and worship with the Legacy church of Christ in North Richland Hills.

Find Danna here: Danna J. Walters, Author and on her Facebook Commnity.

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