New for Truth for the World

30 Apr

We at R16:16 are excited to share with you

some news coming from Truth For The World

this week as they announce the launch of

their newest television series.

Truth for the World

A global evangelistic work overseen by the Duluth Church of Christ

PO Box 5048 ~ Duluth, GA 30096 ~

~ 770-622-1525 ~

Truth For The World Launches Explorations TV Series

Truth For The World has launched a new TV series titled Explorations, meant to be entertaining and educational for younger people but educational enough for older viewers as well.

The series focuses on different aspects of the world around us, including religions, science, and mankind. The first 6 episodes will deal with the idea of God Himself. How can there be a Trinity but only one God? What roles do each of the members of the Trinity play? Does God dwell in man?

Rather than taking an audio lesson and simply delivering it on television, Explorations attempts to utilize the medium of TV efficiently by providing visuals to communicate the message of the program along with the audio message. Also, host Charles Franks will guide the viewers through the explorations of the various topics while trying to deal with interruptions from various characters or difficulties during the program that cause laughs.

The series is geared toward younger people with some laughter and simple explanations of difficult concepts. But adults could certainly laugh at some of the humor and learn something from the complex topics, too. Explorations should be an entertaining and educational series of programs.

The first episode will be launched exclusively online. It may be viewed on the Truth For The World website (, the Truth For The World TV channel on YouTube (, and on the Truth For The World TV channel on Roku® entertainment devices. Later, the episodes will be sent to TV outlets in the United States where Truth For The World sends its other weekly programming. Viewers can search to see if it will be on TV locally in their area at this webpage. (


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