Are We Bound by Tradition Cindy Colley Get’s Set to Examine the Scriptures

09 May

In January we shared with you a story about the blog “Bless Your Heart” By Cindy Colley at “The Colley House.” Cindy, as many of you may know, is  the wife of Glenn Colley, minister and elder at the West Huntsville church of Christ in Alabama. She is very strong in the faith and isn’t afraid to speak the truth.  She has a strong desire to walk worthy of the cindy colleycalling which the Lord has called us to. In that regards she seeks always in her role as a woman in the church, a wife of an elder & preacher to help lead and guide women in proper godly behavior.

She takes the woman’s role as defined in Titus 2 very seriously and recognizes that the older women are to teach the younger women how to walk diligently in the Lord. Cindy teaches women in Bible classes, ladies days, online facebook groups, lectureships as well as one on one in her own home. She also leads and facilitates an online bible study for women called “Digging Deep in God’s Word.” This year the group is studying the topic of “Sanctified” and is open to any woman who desires to dig deep to find the meat of the word.  This study includes a monthly podcast where women can come together from all over the world to open God’s word as Cindy leads the discussion.


This month Cindy is hosting a special podcast in addition to the regularly scheduled podcast. This topic is “Tradition in Worship: Are we Too Bound?” It will be an examination of scriptures. This is a discussion for women by women it will be led by Cindy Colley and Stephanie Vick. All ladies are welcome to join in the discussion. It is a podcast via and as such you can either call in and participate or chat in the chat room. These ladies will follow along and steer the discussions based upon what is being asked or commented about. 

Mark Your Calenders, it’s sure to be a great discussion!

The Special Digging Deep Podcast begins at 8 p.m. EST / 7 p.m CST on May 16th.

The Login Link is

The Call In # is (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 112808

Be sure to visit Cindy’s blog “Bless Your Heart” you will find such blessing in her loving guidance in God’s word.

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