Immodesty from a Man’s Perspective

23 May
We live in a society that has no thought of modest dress for our women. Sadly, in some places this mindset has creeped into the church. It almost seems as if these women are placing the burden of not lusting upon the men, while they themselves have no responsibility in causing temptation to occur. This is not so, however, Paul in teaching Timothy explained that women are to dress in “modest apparel” (I Timothy 2:9 NKJV). Women bear the responsibility of how they present themselves, do they attract attention to themselves? If so, then they are not presenting themselves in a modest way. Thus, they create a temptation for their brethren to keep themselves and their minds pure in the face of such temptation. Perhaps a woman thinks, ‘well he needs to be a stronger man.’ or something like that, but the reality is men and women think differently. God created each of us differently. Women see things from the perspective of a woman while men see things from a man’s perspective. Should a man avert his eyes and be strong in his resolve to not lust in his heart for a woman? Yes. But should he be faced with such temptation when in the family of believers? No, and that is where the responsibility lies with the woman. 
Today we are featuring an article by Brother Andrew Hallenbeck regarding how men think when faced with an immodestly dressed woman. He refers to the characteristics of the male mind when faced with such temptation. We are sharing but a brief highlight of his article, to read the entire article please click the READ MORE link at the bottom of the post.

What Do Men Think When Ladies Dress Immodestly?

By Andrew Hallenbeck

For several days I’ve been present at one of our brotherhood institutions. Although aware of the progression of change within the churches of Christ, I was somewhat surprised at the apparel of the young ladies. The thought occurred to me that men of different backgrounds would flood the campus each semester only to be bombarded with ladies advertising themselves; whether in ignorance or blatant, only these women know. Regardless of motive, there is a breakdown of parental guidance and discipline of those responsible. As a society we must address this and teach accurately principles becoming of young women before they reach young womanhood.

jeansAs I contemplate this problem, I’m convinced that most ladies are unaware how the male mind functions. Stated another way, men and women think very different. I’m also soberly cognizant that some girls have attained a knowledge that attention can be gained by displaying parts of the body that should be confined to the husband within the boundaries of marriage. It is the opinion of this author that often male attention is sought due to the neglect of the father and his relationship to his daughter. If the dad forsakes his responsibility to his daughter in feeding and nurturing her desire for healthy attention, she will seek it elsewhere. And a promise to us fathers: she will find it!

It will be the objective of this article to list some characteristics of the male mind. Although this is primarily directed to young ladies, fathers should take heed and mold their daughter, the little girl that will one day be a wife. The following is a brief summary concerning what ladies should consider when picking and wearing their attire:

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Andrew Hallenbeck is married to Jennifer, a hardworking homemaker. They have 2 teen daughters Alanna and Cana, whom they are educating at home. While Andrew earned his degree as an electrical engineer he has chosen to serve the Lord as a minister of the gospel in Ft. Worth, Texas. He is author of the book “Praying to Jesus: An Examination” which examines the biblical soundness of addressing Jesus Christ in prayer. He also writes regularly on his blog “Hallenbeck’s Thoughts”

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