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09 Jul

A Bible Class Teacher Shares her Lesson Plans

Diana Dow, Bible Songs and More

Diana Dow is passionate about teaching the Gospel of Christ to others, especially children. That is what prompted her to start her web blog “Bible Songs and More.” Diana has been teaching children’s and women’s bible classes for many years. She is the wife of a gospel preacher, Danny, and they live and work in Huntington, Texas.

Diana grew up in Amarillo, Texas but met her husband when she was a student at Florida College. She is the homeschooling mom of 6 children, all boys, three of whom have grown up and are now married. She has 2 grandchildren with 1 more expected to arrive soon. Diana also has a passion for music, having played the violin since she was seven years old, she now teaches and conducts the East Texas Homeschool String Orchestra.

Bible Songs and More is Diana’s second blog. The first, “A Keeper at Home” is her personal site where she shares her homeschooling adventures, family matters, recipes and friendly advice.  On Diana’s Bible Class blog she shares her original children’s Bible songs, original hymns, lesson plans for both children and women, tips and activities.

Her Children’s Bible Class lessons span both the Old and New Testaments. Her lesson plans are divided into 3 categories, Elementary, Pre-school, and Vacation Bible School. Additionally, you will find some wonderful Teaching Tips and activities, including Interactive Wall Decorations.  

Bible Songs & More

Used with Permission

In her most recent post Diana shares her lesson: “The Church Begins — Project Folder.” Touching on her homeschooling roots, Diana shows that by using a simple file folder a teacher can enhance lessons by breaking down information into small bits. The student builds their project folder as they go, thus, creating a knowledge base of what they are learning.  This is a great way to encourage memorization of facts and scripture.

Diana also shares her lessons for her Women’s Bible classes. Some topics that she has covered include: Personal Bible StudyGrowing As We WaitThose Who WaitedWhat Would Mother Do? and more. In her, Lessons From Older Women, Diana discusses the need and command for older women to teach the younger but also discusses the responsibility of both the older to teach as well as the younger to willingly sit, listen, and learn. A lesson that we all can be reminded of.

While you are visiting “Bible Songs and More,” don’t forget to click on the Songs tab, you will find some wonderful, original Bible Class songs spanning both the Old and New Testament lessons, as well as hymns. These are written by Diana herself, and you will find on most, (she’s working on the rest), of the song pages a link to an audio file where you can hear what the song actually sounds like so that you won’t have to guess or make it up as you go along. 

Here is an example of Diana’s work:

Audio: The First Three Kings

Bible Songs & More, "The First Three Kings of Israel" C. 2008 Diana Dow

Used with Permission

As you can see Diana is diligently working to use the talents that the Lord has blessed her with to encourage, support, and help other Christians. In one of her recent posts about an unexpected gift from God, you can see the humility with which she seeks to teach her students, and the joy she has when given the opportunity to introduce God to a child.

~~ Post written by R16:16 Team Member Renée


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