A Journey of a Thousand Prayers

13 Jul

A Family Waits 

Child's hands africa

Sometimes, there comes a point in a person’s life where they just know that they are being called through the spirit’s leading to act. Amy Clevenger and her husband Steve have recently been feeling that leading. Their hearts are leading them all the way to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. Amy and Steve have made the decision to begin the journey of adoption. 

Their son, Isaac, is looking forward to being a big brother to not just one but 3 siblings. You see the Clevenger’s are hopeful, prayerful to be able to adopt a sibling group of 3 brothers ages 5, 4 and 2.

Let me tell you a little about Amy. She is a homeschooling mom who recently helped to start a homeschool co-op for the churches of Christ in her area. She also serves as a World Bible School study helper. Amy grew up as a preacher’s daughter, she loves baking cup-cakes and has a big fondness for all things tie-dyed. Amy’s heart has a desire to live, “A Quiet Life,” which is also the name of her blog. 

Clevenger Family 01

Adoption is a road that is both exciting and difficult. Once a mom makes the decision to open her heart to an adoptive child, she longs for that child to arrive home. But, adoption is not always an easy road. It is filled with ups and downs. Unlike pregnancy, which lasts for nine months, adoption most often takes more than a year.

Imagine being ready, willing and able to give a home to some children who desperately need a loving Christian home. Then having to wait while multiple agencies, spanning an ocean, gets their, ducks in a row. All the while the children are a half a world away. A mamma’s heart is with those children whom she has never met. She worries about them,  prays about them and thinks about them every minute of the day. 

mother and child

It is a thrill to image the children coming into your life and knowing that you will be blessed with the responsibility of training up those who might otherwise never have the opportunity to hear the word of the Lord. Yet, it’s difficult for many reasons. First, it is expensive to adopt a child, so imagine that multiplied by 3. Then comes the paperwork, a lot of paperwork and when you are doing an international adoption, I imagine, it’s not only doubled but probably tripled. With three siblings that cost and work comes times 3.  But Amy is learning to not worry, instead she is trusting in the Lord to provide what is needed.

Amy and Steve have been married for 12 years. They live in Greeneville, Tennessee and worship with the Greeneville congregation where Amy’s dad, Shane Hoover, is the minister. Steve serves as a deacon in their congregation and also teaches a young adult Bible class. He works as an emergency room nurse, and Amy says he’s the “king of the kitchen.”  Isaac, a.k.a. Superman, and a gentleman in training, is an amateur photographer, and like most boys his age LEGO bricks and Angry Birds have a special place in his life. You see this family, loves the Lord. Their lives are a reflection of that fact. They are putting Him first in all they choose to do.

Clevenger Family 02

Amy and Steve are in the process of raising the funds that are needed to bring home these children that they are choosing to love. They need about $60,000. That is  a lot of money. But these two Christians know that with God all things are possible.

Amy is opening her heart to serve the Lord’s will. She, and her husband are choosing to act in obedience by offering a home to these children whom she has never met. Jesus said, “Whoever receives one little child like this in My name receives Me.” (Matthew 18:2-5) That is exactly what Amy and her family are doing. 

If you would like to know more about Amy, her family and their adoption journey please visit her website, “A Quiet Life.” We are asking that you remember this family and their children in your prayers. If you are able to and feel compelled to help as they raise funds for their  adoption journey you can help by donating here: “Help Us Adopt.

~~This Post is Written by Team Member Renée


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