Seeking Virtuous Beauty

16 Jul

A Magazine Encouraging Women of Virtue

Brittany OwensWhen Brittany Owens-Davis was a teenager she was a preacher’s daughter who had a dream of one day creating her own magazine. You see as a 16 year old girl she was in love with magazines, mostly fashion and beauty magazines. While in college at Georgia State University, she began researching and learning the ins and outs of the magazine publishing industry. She did a job shadow with the Editor-in-Chief of Atlanta Magazine and interned there while in school. She majored in journalism and took a desktop publishing class as well. But it wasn’t until after she graduated and got married that she really began to focus on publishing her own magazine.

Brittany and her husband Willie have been married for 4 years. When they were a month into their marriage he had to have surgery for cancer. It was during his recovery that she began to focus her nervous energy into creating a new magazine. Thus, Virtuous Magazine was born. 

Brittany chose to merge her love of fashion magazines with her love for the Lord. Her desire is that through this magazine she can help Christian women to be encouraged to live faithful in every part of thier lives and turn their focus from worldly fashion to modest fashion. Brittany says, “Virtuous Magazine teaches women to apply Bible truths to every part of their lives. We want lives that are abundant with good deeds and sharing God’s love.”

Used With Permission

Virtuous Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine and is available both in print and in digital form. The digital magazine is free and the current edition can be viewed anytime on the Virtuous Magazine’s website. The print version can be purchased individually, no subscriptions, simply by clicking the link located beneath the magazine cover on the home page, and then following the prompts, you can receive the magazine at home.

Additionally, if you want to continued to be encourage, you can join the League of Virtuous Women. This membership comes with some great perks. Such as, a monthly personal growth guide, unlimited access to the League’s devotionals, audios, videos, modest fashion look book, unreleased e-books and print, pass and pray resources, access to past archives of Virtuous Magazine, access to the quarterly teen magazine “Called Out” and much more.

Brittany has also authored a book, “Style Your Soul: Get Dressed From The Inside Out” which takes a look at immodesty in our culture and how this epidemic is plaguing not only our country and the world but has invaded our homes and the church. She says of the book, “Style Your Soul is your guide book for walking worthy and for presenting yourself as a living sacrifice to the Lord.”

As you can see this woman is serving Christ through this wonderful publishing outreach. She is looking to encourage and uplift women of all ages in a way that is relevant to the world in which we live in. The thing that is appealing about this magazine is that the fashion you see, while modest, is up to date and modern. The topics you read encourage the Christian in their daily walk while being relevant to the society and culture we are a part of.

Brittany’s roots as a preacher’s daughter are evident in the work she is doing. She says, “I am so passionate about sharing the love of God with others through Virtuous and showing how fulfilling your life can be when it’s dedicated to Him. I get so excited meeting sisters online and in person and hearing that they are sharing the articles with others and that something I said, wrote, posted or filmed had a positive impact in their lives. I feel so honored to give and use my talents and abilities for the Lord and I hope to leave a legacy of service and that I will leave the world better than I found it.”

You can see Virtuous Magazine on the website or visit the Virtuous Magazine facebook fan page, or twitter page.  

~~Written by Team Member Renée Brown


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