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03 Aug

Ways that the Church can Utilize Radio Resources as an Outreach

Truth for the World offers excellent consistently offers content both on their webpage and their television programming. They are one of the organizations within the brotherhood on the forefront of working to span various forms of media as a way to reach more individuals with the truth. But they also offer important information for the brotherhood to be aware of so that individual congregations can utilize their knowledge to further their outreach endeavors.

Recently they shared information regarding a new opportunity for churches to utilize low – powered FM radio stations This is good to know for any member or leadership who might consider the chance to spread the gospel through radio media. Here are the details, provided by Kendall Rasnake of Truth for the World, be sure to click the SEE MORE link at the bottom of the post highlight to see all the requirements for this opportunity.

FCC Opens Low-Power FM Opportunity For Churches

Radio Head setWASHINGTON, D.C. – On June 17, 2013, the Federal Communications Commission announced an upcoming application window for Low-Power FM (LPFM) radio stations in the United States.  The application window will be open between October 15th and October 29th, 2013.  (

This announcement opens up an opportunity for churches and other non-profit groups to apply for their own LPFM station in their community.

LPFM stations broadcast like other FM stations except they are less powerful and thus have less coverage area.  The coverage area can still be significant enough to reach into a local community.  According to information from the Prometheus Radio Project website, a LPFM station at maximum power of 100 watts and with an antenna height of 30 meters will generally provide solid coverage for a radius of 3.5 miles and can reach radios up to 10 miles away. (

Other distinguishing characteristics for LPFM stations are that they are cheaper to build than Full-Power FM stations, they must be licensed by a non-profit organization with an educational mission.  Churches qualify to own these stations by their very nature.

The FCC has not opened up an application window for over 10 years, and some are thinking that this opportunity may not occur again.  “We are treating this application filing window as a one-shot deal,” says Kendal Rasnake, Director of Truth For The World and former general manager of an FM radio station in Missouri.  “Even if the FCC were to open up another application opportunity after this, the limited open space on the FM dial in someone’s area might be grabbed up by applicants in 2013.”

LPFM applicants do not even need prior radio experience.  “There are currently almost 800 LPFM stations on-the-air, and most of the organizations have limited resources and knew little-to-nothing about broadcasting when they started,” says Jason Bennett, a Technical Consultant at FM Expansion Group. (

Applying for an LPFM station is essentially a 3-part process:


From Bible Study courses to podcasts, television shows and DVD’s Truth for the World continues to work diligently bringing light to the world through various media resources. We would do well to learn from their example and begin to institute some of what they are sharing with us in our local communities.

~~ Posted by Team Member Renée


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