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31 Aug

So three of the R16:16 team members attended the recent conference in Tennessee, Polishing the Pulpit affectionately called PTP by those who attend. The week long conference as well as the Spiritual Renewal Weekend run concurrently and this year there were more than 3000 in attendance. It was great getting to meet each other in real life for the first time and yet feeling like we were already bonded and knew each other from the work we have been doing with R16:16.


We spend some time meeting and greeting fellow saints who are also working to serve the Lord and we shared with many what we are doing with R16:16, so we are hoping to add to our listings soon. 

Since we are finishing up our month theme of Men Serving Christ we thought it would be fitting to share some of what we heard from the men who were attending this marvelous conference in the middle of a beautiful setting, the Smokey Mountains. Consider this your PTP Insider. Some quotes will be from men regarding what they think about PTP while others are from seminars lessons which we were so blessed to attend.

“Honestly, the thing I love (about PTP), is the connectedness and the community.” Dewayne Bryant

From: “Revive Us Again, Oh Lord.”  — Eric Owens 

  • “Successful revival begins with recognition of sins.
  • Revival must have regret of sin.
  • Revival must have reverence.
  • Revival must show humility.Revival occurs when we get back to the word.” 
“The irony of Sunday at PTP: I am off from preaching but never am I more excited to preach.” — Barry Haynes

From: “What’s Right About the Church.”  — Alan Highers

“We have brethren that have courage to take a stand even though in the world we may seem strange.”

alan highers

“My favorite things about PTP are the Christian fellowship, renewed relationships, and powerful lessons.”  — Joe Wells

From: “How Not to be a Pharisee”  — Tom Holland

“Forms and Rituals do not please God. The heart brings glory to God. When we have an Obedient Heart, baptism becomes a significant occassion!”

Tom Holland

“It (PTP) provides edification for all ages.” — Andrew Hallenbeck

From: “History, Legends, and the Bible”  — Eric Lyons

“There are over 500 global flood legends worldwide. History calls them legends but the inspired word of God declares it’s reality.”


From: “Parenting on Purpose ”  — David Shannon

  • *If you have a marriage built on God, 97% of parenting will take care of itself.
  • * If you can be a humble parent you can do a great job.
  • *Don’t worry about getting a little off course, just get back on.
  • *God placed a soul in our hands, we know where it came from and it is our job to get it back to God.
  • *With each child you have 20 years that you will never re-live again.
  • *The physical DOES NOT trump the spiritual.

“I look forward to PTP more than I look forward to my actual vacation weeks!  ” — Robert Orren

From “How to Decide Whether to Attend a Christian University or a Public University: Ideal Criteria for a Christian College” — Matt Vega

  • The college encourages personal relationships.
  • The college needs to practice and encourage praying all the time.
  • Have good sound Bible classes.
  • How they integrate faith with learning.


From “Happily Ever After, It’s Not Just a Fairy Tale” — Eddie Parrish

“Marriage problems are never solved by yelling the answers.”

Some Reflections on Polishing the Pulpit

20130825_111208This year over 3,200 people attended the annual gathering of Christians at Polishing the Pulpit, also known as PTP, in Sevierville, Tennessee. The preaching, teaching and fellowship can only be described as bittersweet in that friends from afar join together whom had not visited since last year; that, of course, is the sweet. The bitterness is encapsulated in that on the last day of our gathering, many goodbyes are communicated; warm tears flow down the cheeks, hugs and promises of staying in touch given in all sincerity. Yes, comfort with a week of companionship, yet sadness in heart-wrenching goodbyes. The emotional strain is intense, but gratifying to the soul. At the end of the day everyone drops to the bed in exhaustion as the kids express their joy of the many adventures they encountered. They, too, are tired yet rise early to begin a fresh day of classes and companionship.

 20130828_194804As I ponder the joy from this past week, I’m amazed at the success of the men behind PTP and their diligence concerning the structure of PTP itself. Between the arrangement of the speakers, both men and women, and the order of activities for the kids, I was flabbergasted at the smoothness of the event. Many were involved in the success of PTP, both in front and behind the scenes, numerous of whom you will never know. Anytime there was a hiccup, there was a quick response. The crew is to be commended. The speakers, who gave much of themselves, both physically and emotionally, enriched the soul of those who attended their lecture. The adults are fed and strengthened. SEE MORE…

Others around the brotherhood are sharing their impressions of Polishing the Pulpit as well. We’ve linked to a few so you can learn more about his marvelous gathering of the saints. 

Written by team member — Renée Brown

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