Bringing Homeschool Focus to Bible Study

09 Sep

Bible Curriculum with Sound Doctrine

Christian homeschool families are always on the search for Bible curriculum to use in their homeschools. It’s not easy to find products with sound doctrine. Many times looking outside the homeschool curriculum box is the answer. That’s why we want to share with you information about Bible Study Guide for All Ages ( This is a curriculum that was written and designed for use in the Bible school class room, but is laid out so well that many homeschooling families have adapted it to the homeschool classroom.

Bible Study Guide

For Bible Class, Homeschool Class or Family Bible Study

What is so great about this program is, as it’s title states, “for all ages.” That means you can use it with every age in your homeschool room, or in your family as a family Bible study. It’s that versatile. The best part is that this material was written and designed by members of the church.

Chelli blog author at The Planted Trees did an excellent review of this curriculum just last year. She has graciously agreed to allow us to have a preview of her product review here for our readers. Be sure to click SEE MORE… to learn all the wonderful aspects there are to know about this product. 

Final Analysis Friday: Bible Study Guide for All Ages 

by Chelli Guthrie
For Chipette’s kindergarten year, I tried to go cheap on the “extras”. You know, science, history/social studies, etc. to really focus on the 3 R’s. One of the items I skimped on was our Bible curriculum. About two months into the school year, I had the following conversation with myself.

Me: Why are you trying to go cheap on the most important subject your children will ever learn?
Me 2: I don’t know. Because this home schooling stuff can get expensive quickly.
Me: Is it more important that your children know math or that they know the word of God?
Me 2: Point taken.
Sometimes I do not like myself. She can get a little blunt and testy.
So I went with the Bible curriculum I’d been dreaming about owning one day. And I h
ave never regretted it. The best part is that it’s not expensive either.
I want to share with all of you my review of Bible Study Guide for All Ages (BSGFAA).
BSGFAA is set up to cycle through the entire Bible in four years if you do two lessons a week each year. We do a lesson every day.  See More…
Chelli is wife to her “preacher man” they live and w
ork in Texas. She has a degree in secondary history education but has chosen to homeschool their 3 children. She writes regularly on her blog The Planted Trees, and shares about their life, family recipes and their homeschooling journey,  You can follow Chelli on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.
Article Written by Team Member ~Renée Brown

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2 responses to “Bringing Homeschool Focus to Bible Study

  1. SusieQ

    September 9, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    I am interested in the Bible Study Guide for all Ages, but the link will not open when clicked on. How do I find out about the material for ordering? Thank you!

    • rsixteensixteen

      September 9, 2013 at 2:28 pm

      Hello SusieQ. I’m sorry the link isn’t working for you. It is on my end. Here is the link directly to their page


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