Homeschool Support Found a World Away

16 Sep

Julie, her husband Martin have been married for 12 years. They are the parents of two children, Sarah who is almost 11 years old and Seth who is almost 7 years old. This family has worked in the ministry field their entire marriage. They have recently returned to Indonesia for their second extended mission work. They previously served in Indonesia from 2005-2009. This time around they are working in Yogykarta on the island of Java.

Julie is a Stay at home mom who is homeschooling her two children. She says, “I love serving God and my family and strive to do so wherever we are!”

Indonesian Homeschooling

She wanted to share with our readers the joy she has received in finding in Indonesia a strong homeschooling community. You can read more about their mission work at their blog Martin and Julie Johnson.

Homeschool Support Found in Indonesian Mission Field

by Julie Johnson

I have been pleasantly surprised to find several groups of Homeschooling families here in Jakarta, Indonesia. They seem to all function differently, focusing on a variety of activities. Some are more structured with educational lessons prepared for the kids to participate in. Some are more casual, allowing for the kids to run and play freely. Some are open to everyone, regardless of religious background while others are reserved for those with a “Christian” background. Still other Homeschool groups are designed for foreigners and those that can speak English well enough to participate.


One of the Homeschool groups that I met is called “Eagle’s Nest.” They asked me to be their guest speaker and share my experiences as a homeschool mom and wife trying to live God’s way. We discussed God’s plan for the family and how as parents our ultimate responsibility to train our children to love Him and follow Him all their lives. The moms had some excellent questions after my talk. They asked about practical examples of how to train our children not to complain. They asked about training them to sit still and quiet during worship. They asked about sibling rivalry and how to overcome that. They also asked about discipline and how to control our emotions in stressful situations. There were questions about the husband-wife relationship and what to do when we don’t agree with each other.

I explained, and I hope they all understood, that I am not perfect and neither is my small family. We make mistakes. We fail at times. But, we apologize to each other and to God and move on trying not to make the same mistake again.

I thank God for this opportunity to speak to these ladies! It was a growing opportunity for me as I put into words the principles that my family lives by. I learned more about Indonesian culture as well as a few more vocabulary words! I pray that each mom was able to take away something from our meeting. I pray that each of these women look to His Word to find Truth and that they, along with their husbands, train their children to serve Him all their days.

Question: What activities does your homeschool group do when they get together? 


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