Homeschool Curriculum for the Lord’s Church in Sight

28 Sep

Biblically Sound Doctrine for Educational Curricula

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With homeschooling growing at such a rapid rate, the homeschooling community within the church is left with choices. Sometimes very difficult choices regarding what curriculum to purchase. On the one hand these parents are seeking to teach their children from a Biblical worldview, but on the other hand they want to ensure that the material being taught is sound in doctrine.

The Need for Doctrinally Sound Homeschool Curriculum 

The reality is there is a wealth of Biblically based homeschool curriculum on the market. Across the country there are homeschool conventions hosted every year which are attended by hundreds if not thousands of people. These conventions are filled with wall to wall vendors ready, willing, and able to sell to the homeschool market and be sure they are selling. Yet the market for educational curriculum that is written for the Lord’s church and sound in doctrine remains miniscule.

That leaves homeschooling parents the choice of compromise: either buy a secular curriculum and tweak it with Biblical truth or buy a Biblically based curriculum and tweak it with sound doctrine. Neither option is ideal for the children being raised to know the Lord.

“My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

It was this choice that has led homeschooling parents Justin and Leah Hopkins to begin the process of publishing a complete homeschool curriculum which will be Biblical and grounded in sound doctrine.  Their new Homeschool Curriculum company is called “SKYPOINT” and they are seeking to expand what they have already begun.macbook-pro-mockup

A Big Dream for Complete Educational Curriculum within the Church

Justin and Leah have a big dream, but they dream big because they trust that the Lord can provide for the needs of His people. They believe that the members of the Lord’s church deserve the very best. With that in mind their goal is to take full advantage of the modern technologies that God has made available. By utilizing web-based curriculum options they will be able to make this complete curriculum available to subscribers at a faster rate.

This is a big undertaking, especially for a couple whose main work is as domestic missionaries. But this couple is not without resources. In fact, they own and operate a publishing company; Hopkins Publishing which is a side business. What they need is willing, capable and knowledgeable authors, editors, artists, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, layout artists, web designers, mobile app designers and teachers to work with them to write, design, organize and publish the materials.

A Reality within Reach, The Need for a Working Team

That’s where you come in. If you have knowledge of any of a variety of educational skills and are willing  to write educational curriculum and are a faithful member of the Lord’s church, then who knows that the Lord hasn’t been preparing you for such a time as this. (Esther 4:14). Perhaps you are currently working in a science field such as engineering or chemistry and you have the knowledge to write a chemistry or physics curriculum. Maybe you work with statistics or finances and could write a math curriculum. Maybe you are a homeschooling parent who is already writing material for your children and can transition into assisting them in writing material for more students. The Hopkins’ want to hear from you.

Whether your skill is in the field of design/arts or in the field of education, they have a desire to utilize the vast talent present in the Lord’s church for the purpose of training up children, to know the word of God, into adults ready, willing and able to teach and defend His truth. Just to be clear, they are not looking for volunteers but rather they are seeking to work with skilled freelancers. In return the freelancer will receive paid compensation.

If you feel that you can in ANY way contribute to the project please contact SKYPOINT by emailing: Please provide a description of your religious background, including current church membership and involvement. Please explain why you feel that you are qualified to write for SKYPOINT. Include education, relevant work experience, relevant teaching experience, and any relevant life experience.

Even if you are not able to assist in the publishing aspect of such an endeavor, you can still support this marvelous work through prayer.



Justin and Leah are both graduates of the Southwest School of Bible Studies. They are working alongside World Evangelism as domestic missionaries, currently designing and creating Bible Class Curriculum. While they own and operated Hopkins Publishing their main focus is the work they are doing with World Evangelism. They are the parents to 3 boys. Justin worked in full time ministry before he and Leah turned their focus to Christian publishing.

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One response to “Homeschool Curriculum for the Lord’s Church in Sight

  1. Brandi McCullough

    May 16, 2016 at 9:44 am

    Hey Y’all!
    I am so excited to see this website. We are CoC Homeschooler’s in Coffeeville, MS. I am praying that God will bless this endeavor and this comes about as quickly as possible. What have you already accumulated and what are you lacking? I am not sure I would be able to write for you. It will depend on many factors. I do however know several retired and working teachers and admin. Who might consider taking this on.

    In Christian love

    Brandi McCullough
    3 McHeathens
    Ben 13
    Ab 11
    Lucy Bea 5


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