Training Up A Servants Heart

15 Oct

Into the Love of ChristGirl and mother

In our world, not too many people want to be servants. Somehow most people think they are above that. Even those who work in the service industry often talk about getting out and doing better. So it should come as no surprise when our children balk at the role of servitude.

Being a servant requires giving up self. From the earliest of ages self is our main focus in life. To overcome self, takes training, practice and a willing heart. That is true of our children also. We can’t simply expect them to wake up one day and decide to be servants. Rather, we must set the example, the teaching and the love for them to follow into their adulthood.

Helene, one of our sisters at Maid Servants of Christ, recently met this challenge head on with her little girl. Often it’s in the moment of sheer rebellion that we make our biggest mistakes in training up. Helene however used the opportunity to lovingly and tenderly teach her daughter, setting memories and training at the forefront of her daughters heart. See how by reading the snippet of her article here then clicking over at the See More prompt to read the entire article.

A Servant In My House

by Helene at Maid Servants of Christ

“I am not a servant in this house!”  That is what my five-year old emphatically declared when I asked her to take out the trash.  She hates that job above all others.  Have you ever seen someone under 4 feet tall try to put on her shoes, hold the trash bag and never let go of her nose?  It’s a sight.
 Garbage bag
I took the trash from her hand, snagged a nearby stool with my foot and sat down with her on my lap.

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Featured Post Author: Helene 
Helene is one of the maids at  A blog written by 3 friends, Helene, Melissa and Jane. Helene lives abroad with her husband and two young daughters.  A graduate from Harding University, she’s a college-level ESL teacher.
~~ R16:16 Article written by team member Renee

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