19 Oct

Laura Ingalls Wilder said it best when she said, “Home is the nicest word there is.”
When you hear that word, what kind of images does it evoke in your mind?
For my family, I want them to know our home is a happy, warm place—a place where they can come after a tough day and snuggle under a crochet blanket, on a well worn couch and rest their weary body.

worn couch
I want them to know that our home is a place of protection from the outside world. And we will always find comfort in prayer.

I want them to know our home is a place where our bodies are nourished with warm, comforting food and our souls are nourished with the word of God .


I want them to know our home is a place where wonderful memories are made—memories that will live forever in our minds.

memories 3
I want them to know our home is a place where there will be love, peace, laughter, togetherness, and lots of hugs.

I want our home to be a place of refreshing and comfort in this cold dark world.

In January, I challenged my family to come up with words that we want to describe the focus of our home and family. I took the words they gave me and framed them. They are now displayed in the kitchen for us and anyone that enters our home to read. Listed below are some of the words:

Share, Bible, Simple, God, Others, Memories, Purpose, Trust, Content, Faith, Blessed, Together, Comfort, Respect, Intentional, Give, Hospitable, Forgive, Pray, Thankful, Silly, Welcome

I challenge you to do the same. What are some of the words you would use to describe your home and family?

468prSharla Orren has a BA in Sociology from Henderson State University. She loves homeschooling her two boys: Cash, who is 10, and Keyton, who is 5. She is the wife of Robert Orren, the Youth and Family Minister and a deacon for the Hope church of Christ in Hope, AR. She enjoys teaching Bible classes and a class for girls that she recently started with her friend. She currently has her own blog, Look At What You Are Seeing in which she writes about homeschooling, natural living, homemaking and time management. She was appointed by Governor Mike Huckabee to serve on The United States Selective Service Board. She serves on The Hempstead County Library Board. She also serves as a storm spotter and data collector for The National Weather Service. She currently writes for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

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