Devotionals with the Entire Family in Mind

30 Oct

Kaio Publications New Family Devotional Series

family devotional


The home is the main training ground when it comes to raising our children in the Lord. As parents, we have the responsibility to teach them not only by example, but also in word. They deserve to have their parents open the Bible and explain the truth of God’s Word. However, for many adults this can be a very intimidating task. It doesn’t have to be! Many fathers want to be the spiritual leaders God called them to be, but they feel uncomfortable or inadequate in leading their family in a time of bible study or devotion to God. Other men, simply lack the time necessary to prepare. This doesn’t have to be! Oftentimes, mothers are at a loss as to what to study with their children while the father is absent. This doesn’t have to be!

Family Devotional Cover.House

The family devotional series is designed with the entire family in mind. Kaio Publications understands that children learn best when that learning is tangible. That’s why they have created Biblically sound object lessons that are easy to use and are laid out in a very simple format with each lesson containing…

  • the main Scripture
  • a list of objects needed
  • a suggested song
  • the lesson content
  • a suggested prayer


Family Devotional Cover.Yard

 Each set of devotionals includes 30-31 days worth of material which will help each family member learn and grow. Simply follow the outline, use real life objects with the lessons (most of these items can be found in the home), and make studying God’s word an enjoyable time with your family! There is no reason to stress or fret over what you will study. The hard work is already done, leaving more time for family interaction, increasing in knowledge, and benefiting from time spent together.
The family Devotional series is available at
~~ Article submitted by Erin Wells

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