Martin’s – Building a Stronger Family by Working Together

18 Nov

In 2000, when I married my college sweetheart, Alan, I quickly found out that a marriage to him was also a marriage of sorts to his family’s business, a shoe and clothing store.  It was like having a silent member of the family who goes with you everywhere.

The business determined where we lived, when we could go on vacation and what mood everyone would be in during the Christmas holiday.  It was a huge adjustment and not always as much fun as everyone else thinks it should be, but I’ve grown to enjoy it and can see how much we’ve been blessed through it.

How working together has made us stronger:

One of the advantages to being part of family business it that it has allowed my husband and I to spend more time together.  It has strengthened our marriage by teaching us how to work together, how to listen to each other and how help each other handle stress.  There were a lot of growing pains in the beginning as we adjusted to life in both our new roles as husband and wife and coworkers, but with a lot of prayer and determination, we powered through it.

Another benefit of working together is that it enables us to take turns being home with our kids if necessary or to bring our kids to work.  Our boys get to see their dad more during the day than a lot of kids which is good for all of us!

Martin's shoe and clothing store in Hope, ARAbout our business:

For the last 54 years our family has been in the retail shoe and clothing business in Hope, AR.   Three generations of Martins have put their blood, sweat and tears into building a business to support their families and contribute to the community.  Beginning as a small family shoe store in 1959, Martin’s now ships merchandise to customers all over the world.

The only consistent thing about retail is that it is constantly changing.  We attend a variety of markets and consult with other retailers to find the best variety of fashions at affordable prices, while doing our best to offer more modest clothing and to demonstrate to our customers how trendy pieces can be modestly worn.  Just keeping up with changing trends is a full time job!

Since opening our business up to online sales a few years ago, we are able to offer a much bigger variety of merchandise than we could have ever dreamed of carrying before now.  It has given us more versatility while presenting many new challenges.

Working in a family business isn’t always easy or fun with all of the dynamics involved, but if your family, like my husband and in-laws, seeks to do the will of God above all, it can be a truly blessed experience.

For more information about our online stores, you can visit us at

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