Wireless Choice from Your Brother

29 Nov

Unlimited Business Plan = Unlimited Time and Financial Freedom

We live in the digital age. Everywhere we go, and nearly everyone we see, we are surrounded by cell phones, tablets and pc’s. Most families have at least one if not 4, 5 or more wireless devices. With those devices comes cost. The cost of purchasing the device but also the cost of the wireless plans which we use to operate them.

With those plans there are a myriad of choices. Wireless companies abound on every street corner and in every market in the country, as well as around the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could purchase your wireless plan while at the same time supporting a brother in the church? Wouldn’t it be even nicer if you could get your service for free? Imagine if you could tap into that vast wireless market and earn money yourself while at the same time using your own wireless service.

wireless market

Kenneth Wayne did imagine such options. That’s when he became both a customer, distributor and eventually a Regional Manager for Lightyear Wireless.

Lightyear Wireless  is a part of a larger publicly held company called Lightyear Network Solutions.  Lightyear began operations in 1993 in Louisville, Ky. In October 2010, Lightyear acquired South East Telephone further expanding their base of operations. Today, the company has operations in Louisville, Pikeville and Lexington, Kentucky. But they offer services through independent distributors, like Kenneth, across the country.

Through Kenneth’s website you can purchase wireless service plans, Be sure to ask Kenneth about their referral program which can earn you free service. Additionally, anyone who is interested can also become an independent distributor which not only allows one to receive free wireless service but can earn income as well.

Lightyear -2a

When asked to describe his business Kenneth says of Lightyear Wireless,

“People helping people have more time freedom for their family and all their loved ones and too give them better Financially Security.”

Countless of individuals are sick and tired of, being sick in tired of the rate race of corporate America, and not being able to enjoy time freedom with their family and all their loved ones.

Too many people work endless hours and, take on two jobs leaving them with no time for their kids, wife and friends. I have personally seen families get divorced all because they became “Work Alcoholics”.

Ask yourself; is working two jobs and, working endless hours worth all of that just to be able to meet your family’s needs?

Imagine owning your own business with unlimited monthly earnings and being able to do what you really enjoy. (Which is…) spending quality time with your family and friends, not to mention, not having to be concerned about the money because you will also be financially secure.

Kenneth seeking to find financial security and freedom of time while offering a product at reasonable he rates operates his website as an independent distributor. Whether you are in the market to change your wireless plan or to start your own business as a wireless independent distributor you can reach Kenneth via his website:

Just Me-2

Kenneth Wayne is a member of the church and worships with the congregation in Whitehouse Texas. He loves helping people and enjoys spending time with family. Kenneth says, “One of my favorite quotes is, “People Helping People”. By working together as a team, both parties will be able to achieve their goals and dreams in life. 


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