Make Me A Servant

03 Jan

A Servant I Will Be!

Servant Christian

Happy New Year! With the coming of the new year comes a time for reflection and a time for making changes. We sometimes make resolutions, or change our priorities just a bit with the hope of re-focusing on what is important. As we enter this new month, this new year, we want to encourage you to think like Christ and reflect His spirit to those around you. Our theme for the month is “A Servant I Will Be.”

Do we, too often, stand in the assembly singing songs about service but fail to truly turn our hearts to that purpose? Songs such as “I Want to Be a Worker for the Lord,” and “Make Me Like You.”

Do we teach our children to turn their hearts to serve God but fail to set the example for them in our lives? Are we living the servants life as Christ did when He lived upon this earth? Do we fall to our knees to wash the feet of the world or do we have lofty thoughts that our service is more of a spiritual nature than a physical one. Christ served both, while he was here, the physical and the spiritual.

Christ’s Service

Physical Service

  • Fed the multitudes with just a few loaves and fish.
  • Filled Peters boat to overflowing with fish.
  • Calmed the sea.
  • Washed the feet of the apostles.
  • Raised to live the dead son of the Widow of Nain.
  • Healed the sick, lame, blind, deaf and demon possessed.
  • Turned water into wine.

Spiritual Service

  • Spoke the truth.
  • Loved purely.
  • Taught repentance.
  • Taught about the living water which leads us to never thirst again.
  • Sent forth the 12.
  • Sent forth the 70.
  • Taught his disciples to pray.
  • Read scripture in the synagogue.
  • Drove out the money changers from the temple.
  • Partook of the Passover.
  • Sang hymns.
  • Was himself baptized to fulfill all righteousness.
  • Instituted the supper of remembrance which has also been called the Lord’s Supper or Communion.
  • Suffered death upon the cross so that we might have forgiveness, eternal.
  • Rose to life again, ascended to heaven to sit at God’s right hand.
  • Instituted baptism for remission of sins.

Throughout the month of January we will examine being a servant for the Lord, we will make suggestions, offer examples and encourage you. We pray that you will find this month to be inspiring and that you will say “A Servant I Will Be” with boldness of spirit and courage of heart.

May you be blessed in serving our God in this new year.

~ Written by team member


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