Healthy Chocolaty Bites

05 Mar

With 6 All Natural Ingredients

Sometimes you just need a bite of something sweet, something that feel decadent, something chocolaty. More often than not the choice to enjoy such a treat isn’t a choice that is healthy. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. Chantelle  who blogs over at Happy Healthy Holy Home, came up with this healthy version of a brownie bite. 

Chantelle loves good food but is always looking for healthier ways to eat the foods she loves. That’s what prompted her to come up with delicious goodness, her desire for something sweet an decadent but a healthier version of it.

Healthy Chocolate


Raw Chocolate Brownie Bites, that are healthy for you. What is her secret? Click over to her blog for the recipe. While you are over there be sure to click the Follow button so you can receive all of her updates right in your inbox. Who knows you just might find another recipe or two made healthier.


Happy Healthy Holy HomeChantelle is a 26 year old Australian married to an American missionary currently living in Singapore. She grew up in Australia, where her father still preaches full-time. She and her husband met because he decided to go as a missionary to Australia in his early twenties. They’ve been married for 4 1/2 years. They worked for 3 years together in Australia before moving to Singapore where she am studying–while her husband teaches–at Four Seas College of Bible and Missions. As well as their work in Singapore, they make it a habit to travel at least once a month to somewhere else to work for the weekend. So far they have been to Jakarta (Indonesia), Can Tho (Vietnam), and several congregations in the neighboring country of Malaysia. She feels abundantly blessed with so much: opportunities to learn, opportunities to serve and a wonderful godly man who loves her and is incredibly patient and talented. Chantelle shares her story regularly on her blog Happy Healthy Holy Home.
~Article written by Team Member Renee Brown

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