What to Say When There is Nothing to Say

12 Apr


As teens, we have many words. Some are good, but some are not-so-good. We hear them every day! Our peers are saying them. Our so-called friends, classmates, and even some of our family use words that we know are wrong.

Media like movies, television, and music can be full of it. Yes, you know what I am talking about… cussing. “B” words, “A” words, and probably some “Z” words. They are everywhere, and in our generation it feels like we are almost expected to use them.
In James 1:26, the Bible exclaims that we are to bridleth the tongue… A. K. A…. keeping away from the profanity that is cussing. These ignorant words don’t make you bigger, and they don’t make you more mature or smarter.

There are other methods and other options! There are other ways to express frustration or joy in ways that aren’t considered cussing.

Using God’s name in vain is basically cussing. Not necessarily in the world’s point of view, but in God’s. (Exodus 20 : 7) We will be held accountable for using his name in vain. Expressions like, “Oh My God!” and “O.M.G.” are ways that people use God’s name in vain.
Although it is a sad fact that we have to live with this temptation, there are ways to prevent ourselves from being pulled into its grasp.

Don’t listen to music with cussing in it, even if it has a catchy beat. Also, avoid movies which use foul language. Kids In Mind and other such movie rating sites can be helpful with this.

Social media is also a popular influence on our generation. It doesn’t matter how funny a Vine or, how witty a Tweet, or bright a Pin is, swipe or click right on by and avoid that negative influence.
Keeping your language clean keeps you in the sight of the Lord and also gives you a running start towards talking to your friends about the gospel.



Mary Kate Sheppard, who is currently 13 years old, was baptized into Christ 2 years ago. She is a member of Glendale church of Christ, in Newbern, Tennessee. Mary Kate is very active in the works at Glendale. She makes and distributes cards to encourage the members, she helps in the door-knocking campaigns, attends all the youth activities, and is looking forward to being a “big sister” at church camp this year. She is currently preparing to speak at the next G.E.M.S (Girls Encouraging Many Souls) devotional. The Lord comes first in her life, but she is also involved in sports (especially basketball), writing/reading, and crafting. Mary Kate is a funny, good-natured person who is a leader and lives her life so that her friends and family can learn from her example.

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