A Little Can Help A Lot

18 Oct

Help Spread the Gospel

Have you ever thought that you wanted to give to world missions, but, felt as if you simply couldn’t afford much. Then you just decided that it made no sense to just send $5 or $10. So you just added a little extra to the plate on Sunday, then you wonder if you could do more.

What if you could do more? What if you could join with other Christians by contributing a little, and the others contribute a little and together you are helping an established work of the brotherhood spread the gospel across the globe. By being willing to give what we have and working with others we can all share in the work of the Lord.

$75 for 7 Billion Souls

It’s that idea that prompted the team of Truth for the World to begin their new  $75 for 7 Billion Souls Campaign.

“Assuredly, I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all those who have given to the treasury;” Mark 12:43

Truth for the World’s Global Efforts

Last year we shared with you the wonderful works that Truth for the World endeavors to manage and maintain around the globe. They truly are seeking to go in to all the world. But they can’t do it alone. They need the help of brothers and sisters in the Lords’ church to help provide for the financial needs of the work they are doing.

Currently, Truth For The World is running an annual deficit and needs to increase the amount of annual income it receives in order to continue the current projects underway and grow the new projects and outreach that have been planned. Kendal Rasnake, shared with me that their estimated budget for 2015 will be about $177,000, but that their projected annual income will be about $35,000 below that.

That means that they will be short of their annual goal and whenever a budget comes up short, most likely, something will be cut. As a result they have made the decision to kick off a fund building campaign in which they are seeking to raise about $75,000 more for their annual income. The goal isn’t to add money to coffers but rather to add funds that will help in spreading the gospel to reach 7 BILLION souls for Christ.


Does $75,000 sound like a sum of money that is entirely not within your personal reach? It’s not for most people. But think of it this way. If 1000 members of the Lord’s church would commit to send $75 a year (or $6.25 a month) then the $75,000 is entirely within reach! $75 is within the reach of many Christian families living in the U.S. It might mean sacrificing 2-3 meals eaten out at a nice restaurant per year, or just 2 cups of coffee per month, but when you consider the number of souls that will have the opportunity to hear the gospel preached, the sacrifice seems to be very minimal doesn’t it?

So maybe you are wondering how your $75 can actually spread the gospel. Kendal shared with me how they plan to break down the desired goal of an additional $75,000 per year.

The extra $75,000 per year in annual income will allow Truth for the World to:

  1. Keep the current staff and services. – $35,000
  2. Add one more full-time staff member to share the workload and grow new projects such as more online Bible courses- $30,000
  3. Add global shortwave radio broadcasting to over 1 billion people – $10,000

Truth For The World doesn’t just send out a missionary or two once a year, they are spreading the gospel each and every week of the year. Through the shortwave radio signals they have established on 6 continents, Bible Correspondence Courses sent  globally, as well as TV programming and Bible Lessons via a mobile app, the good news message is being proclaimed regularly all year long.

Christ’s commission is for every disciple to follow. Yet, each individual may not have the opportunity, finances or ability to go out further than their own neighborhood. But, God never intended for each of us to bear the work load alone. Rather we are to work together as a collective body for the furtherance of the gospel message. Choosing to donate to Truth for the World means that you become a fellow laborer in the work the global evangelism effort that they are endeavoring to maintain. Their efforts can be used around the globe, even in, your own neighborhood. So while global evangelism seems like it is, out there, somewhere else, it really starts at your own home and can spread to the farthest reaches of the globe.

$75 for 7 Billion Souls

How can you help Truth for the World?

Article written by team member: Renee Brown


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One response to “A Little Can Help A Lot

  1. Cathe Madden

    October 20, 2014 at 8:11 am

    Dear Christians, could you tell me which version of the Bible you are using? And what sort of service do you offer in Russia, where I have participated in mission work for 19 years? A friend just sent a link to your organization, which I’m reading through, peaking at videos, blogs, etc. It’s getting difficult for me to travel there, but my prayer is that a little church on the Volga can keep receiving lots of TLC ( The Love of Christ ).
    Your sister in Christ,
    Cathe Madden
    Nashua, NH


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