Exciting News for Homeschoolers!!!

02 May


A Quick History

My husband and I started Hopkins Publishing at the end of 2011 after I wrote “The GLAM Girl’s Guide to Sex” – which examined the logic behind purity.  A little over a year later we found ourselves focusing our attention on the development of sound Bible class curriculum.  As we began work on that momentous project we were asked by several people if it could be used in a homeschool environment and if we ever had plans to develop homeschool materials.  Although we pondered that a couple of times, such a task seemed overwhelming to consider if it were to be done right.

It was two years ago this month while attending the Southwest Lectures in Austin, Texas that I started putting a plan together on how such a task could happen, and shortly thereafter with the help of my husband, SkyPoint was born.

Bumps in the Road

We were excited about the possibilities to produce biblically sound homeschool materials.  We looked at how we could do so in a way that was financially possible for both us and the student’s families.  We did research on the makings of a quality scope & sequence so that students could indeed have a solid education.  Then we contacted the R16sixteen blog and met with some of her contributors who agreed to write a post about what we were trying to accomplish.   Things were looking promising…

The reality hit.

Our primary work was to develop Bible class curriculum.  This is what we were and are being supported to do.  Hopkins Publishing was growing (now over 50 titles) and we had to work on publishing titles and maintaining support for our authors.  Most importantly of all of these though was our family.  We have three sweet boys that are growing up way too fast, and our priorities must be with God first, and that included training up these boys to know, love, and serve Him.  No work, even if it was to glorify our Father, would be successful if these sweet souls were spiritually starved.  So after trying to handle all of these important endeavors, it became apparent even after having some conversations with people wanting to help write courses, that we had to let SkyPoint go to the back burner for the time being.

Exciting Changes

Putting SkyPoint to the back was not an easy decision.  As homeschool parents ourselves we struggled with finding good materials to teach our sons.  It was frustrating to have to go through things with a fine tooth comb in order to teach out some of the denominational error.  We spoke often of how amazing it would be if we could find someone to help us manage SkyPoint.  We needed someone to contact writers, help them get their courses onto our LMS system, and spread the word.  Basically do the day to day tasks it needed in order to get going, let alone survive.  This seemed like a dream.  I mean who would see the need of what we were trying to do, and be willing to make it happen?

Turns out dreams sometimes come true.

We are happy to announce that Leah Wu from Michigan is going to be managing the development of SkyPoint!  She is a well-qualified Christian lady who is excited about the possibilities with SkyPoint.  She has her bachelors in Education, experience working in public schools as well as running her own homeschool business.  She will be the main contact person to help course writers get started developing their classes, as well as if families need information on how to start their homeschool on SkyPoint.  Things are finally moving ahead!

A Final Note

I want to formally apologize to anyone who I have been in contact with about SkyPoint that things did not progress as we wanted them to at first.  I am deeply sorry about this and hope that you will understand the reasons behind the delay and be just as excited as we are to move forward with this worthwhile project.

Please keep us in your prayers and stay close for updates.

In Christ’s Service,

Leah Hopkins VP – Hopkins Publishing, Inc.

* R16:16 will update as the project moves forward!! ~ Sharla Orren

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One response to “Exciting News for Homeschoolers!!!

  1. prsrtst

    May 2, 2015 at 6:59 pm

    I’d be interested in helping with the art curriculum from a Christ-centered point of view. I have an education background and art, along with homeschool experience. Rachel Holland


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