Brotherhood Highlights from Around the Web

21 Mar

The brotherhood has been busy all around the web. It’s always such an encouragement to stumble upon a blog post, Facebook share or be chatting with a fellow member and discover a great read online written by faithful members of the body.

Which is why we want to share with you some items of interest that we’ve discovered.

Brotherhood Highlights from Around the Web | #R1616


New Series for Young Women in the Church

Highlighted New Series | #R1616

This new series Beyond the Foam on Come Fill Your Cup is geared toward young women in the Lord’s church it is written by young women but the goal is to help move beyond the milk of the word and learn how to study themselves into meatier topics.

“…Foam? Steamed milk foams wonderfully, and tastes amazing in coffee, a drink both of us are extremely fond of. However, were we to just live off of foamy milk, we would be undernourished, unhealthy, and seriously craving some Tex-Mex…

Here at “Beyond the Foam”, we are making it our goal to teach women in their teens and twenties the depths of Christ, getting past the milk and the “elementary doctrine” that we are so often given. It is our goal to dig deeper into the text and be a support and inspiration to those who crave more than just milk.”

–Jayla Sparks and Sarah Smith, Co-Editors of Beyond the Foam

Telling the Old Old Stories for Mature Members

Highlighted Podcast | #R1616

Not a Children’s Bible Story Series, at Radically Christian

In this podcast series the good brothers at Radically Christian are digging in to some common children’s Bible lessons to pull out deeper lessons for more mature members. These brothers are asking the question…

“What can mature disciples of Christ learn from this story?”

Seeking to move beyond the children’s corner of study and into mature, meat filling word.

Standing Firm in the Word

As we continue to be surrounded by a culture bent on destroying Christianity. It becomes harder and harder to speak the truth without controversy. Brotherhood News reported a story last week about Facebook censoring a post on the Facebook Community Page Added to the Church of Christ.

Standing Firm in the Word | #R1616

“Jamie Suiter reported today that on Mar. 12  the popular brotherhood Facebook Page, “Added to the church of Christ,” was asked to remove a post on homosexuality.  According to page editor Tony Brewer, they were told it classified as “hate speech” under the Facebook guidelines.”

With over 60,000 pageviews the original post obviously brought attention to the subject.

These brethren are working to administer the Facebook Page: Stephane Maillet, Tony Brewer,  and Paul Mays. We are thankful that they are standing firm in the faith. Please pray for their continued work.


–This post written by team member: Renée.


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