24:15 Publications – Books and other materials, designed to help you and your family grow closer to Christ.

Apologetics Press 

Bring, Teach, Keep – Illuminating the Biblical model of evangelism.

The Colley Family– Books and Bible study material.

Donna H. Parker – Author of family friendly fiction, available in both paperback and e-books.

Danna J. Walters, Children’s Author – Author of the Book “Every Good Princess Marries a Prince”, Speaking Engagements for Pre-Teen and Teen Girls, Interactive Readins for Preschoolers.

Focus Press

Gospel Advocate

H & C Religious Supplies -Bibles, Books, Gifts, Worship Supplies and More.

Hanna Publications – Books, Bible Class Curriculum and More.

Hopkins Publishing Inc. – Seeking the Old Paths in New Ways, Christian Book Publishers

House to House, Heart to Heart 

Kaio Publications – Publishing iLuminate for Christian Teens

Pathways– Bookstore

Pryor Convictions Media – Faith Building Products for the Family

The Treasure Chest of Grace – By Author Wes McAdams, Following God’s map of untold riches in Christ Jesus

Rod Rutherford Books – Sound, Simple and Scriptural Workbooks

Sipper Books– Writing Between Worlds

The Treasure Chest of Grace – By Author Wes McAdams, Following God’s Map to Untold Riches in Christ Jesus

Your Ninth Hour– Resources for a new beginning, a fresh start based on books and Christian material we have used in our 30+ years in the ministry.


Christian Courier

The Christian Chronicle

Christian Woman

Discovery Magazine – From Apologetics Press, Science and Christianity for Children

Faithful Woman Newsletter – A quarterly newsletter.

Gospel Advocate

House to House, Heart to Heart

iLuminate – Magazine for Christian Teens

Mission Magazine – From Truth for the World

Think Magazine – From Focus Press

Virtuous Magazine– A Lifestyle Magazine for Christian Women.

Newspapers, Newsletters

Brotherhood News – News of Christians and churches of Christ

The Christian Chronicle

Christian Courier

House to House, Heart to Heart

Faithful Woman Newsletter – A quarterly newsletter.

Marinsville Macaroni Kid – Local e-Newsletter (offers local advertisement for Henry County Virginia)


2 responses to “Publications

  1. Brenda and Rod

    January 24, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    This looks very helpful to those looking for sound materials. How can we post our website on your good website? Thank you so much for this good service. Brenda My husband and I work with the Gatlinburg Church of Christ.

    • Renee Brown

      January 24, 2013 at 9:31 pm

      If you click on the Join Us tab on the toolbar, you can fill out a short questionnaire and let us know the link for your website and where you would like to see it listed.
      Thank you for your interest in R16:16
      Team Member, Renee


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