A Bible Commentary– Bible commentary and Bible study materials.

A Preacher’s Study

Build Your Bible Understanding– a group of blogs for James Pasley’s Sunday sermons, illustrations for preachers, devotionals and other tidbits for men, women, elders, deacons and Bible classes.

Bum Checks Bible Commentary

Church of Christ Sermons – Resources to help Christians grow in Christ.

Dewayne Bryant – Looking at all things biblically

Doctrine of Christ vs. Doctrine of Men

Faithful Messenger – Sermons, Lessons and Articles from Sherman Stanley

GBN – Gospel Broadcast Network, Live Feed Online

Sampson’s Point of View – Caleb Sampson

That Christian Website –  Sermons, Outlines, and Articles Free for You!

The Good News – The wonderful hope we have in CHRIST.

The Gospel Beacon – The comments, articles, essays, sermons and book reviews of Leo J.Woodman

Let Your Light Shine – Jason & Jen Rollins

The Last Invitation

My Soul Media – A host to a variety of church of Christ media available to you for personal education, small group studies, evangelism or for any other expediency.

PFP – Preacher’s Favorite Passage is a monthly electronic bulletin written by various preachers of the Gospel.

Preaching Help – Sermon Outlines, Audio Sermons and Devotionals by Steve Higginbotham

Radically Christian –  Audio Sermons, Videos, and articles by Wes McAdams

Restore – New Testament Christianity Today

Sparks for Life – Ideas from the Bible to Spark True Living

That Christian Website –  Sermons, Outlines, and Articles Free for You!

The Truth About Series –  DVD’s produced by World Video Bible School

Truth For the World

Words In Season – E-Zine, Sermons, Preaching Helps, Helping Christians Grow in Jesus.

World Video Bible School – Online Evangelism

911 Preacher– Sharing Biblical Truths From a Police Officer Perspective



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