Sower Spotlight

Sower Spotlight at #R1616

On a Quarterly basis the R16:16 team selects a Kingdom Sower to Spotlight and help spread the word about their work. If you would like to suggest a Sower* to be featured in our Sower Spotlight please do so by emailing the team at, or fill out the contact form below.

Please provide the following information.

  • Name of the Sower, a work of the church.
  • A brief explanation of their work.
  • Their website and/or contact information.
  • Their sponsoring congregation (if applicable)
  • How we can best feature them?
  • Any needs that the Sower may have such as a need for Donations, Prayer Requests, Subscribers, or Help spreading the word about their organization. 

The information will be reviewed by the team and if selected a date/quarter will be chosen to feature the suggested sower. They will be contacted via email prior to the feature and then other information may need to be submitted, such as background and photographs. We make no guarantees that your suggestion will be selected.

In the Sower Spotlight

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Past Sower Spotlight

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