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PFP Encouraging Christianity

Focusing the Sower’s Spotlight on PFP

PFP Ezine

In our current spotlight we are featuring PFP or Preacher’s Favorite Passage. Since this month we are featuring Men In Christ’s Service we wanted to give you a little more information about what PFP has to offer by highlighting some of their monthly e-zine.

In the current edition of PFP guest writer Andrew Lamica, from the Chase Park congregation in Huntsville, Alabama encourages Christians to be imitators of Christ. He uses the passage from 1 Corinthians 11:1 to remind us that this command is often overlooked in study. Too often we fail to truly meditate upon the word and rather gloss over what can become too familiar.

When we look at the religious world around us, many of whom claim Christianity yet walk not after Christ, we should be reminded of this passage and the many others like it written by Paul to imitate Christ.

Brother Lamica does a wonderful job of reminding us that not only is it ok to be a carbon copy Christian, it is a commandment, to pattern ourselves after the life of Christ.  I encourage you to click on over to the PFP e-zine to read the entire article.

Also in the current edition of PFP you will find:

In the Editor’s Addition: Lee Snow discusses the reality of depression and how it can play a major role in a person’s life. He offers a first hand account along with scriptural guidance for how to overcome. He reminds us that with God we can find help for every situation and that He already knows how it will work out.

In the section, Q&A with Billy Hayes, Brother Hayes answers two questions. Both are related to offices mentioned in the Bible. The first, the office of an elder and the second the office of a prophet.

Josh Clevenger in his article Ethical Ekklesia he talks about the modern culture of tolerance and what it means to us as Christians. He explains the worlds view on what tolerance means, and also that we as Christians should love all men to their greatest good – heaven.
The Preacher’s Favorite Passage (the PFP) is a amalgamation of articles and helpful tools for the Christian to use throughout his walk with Christ. We release a monthly e-zine with a main article from a guest writer about his favorite passage outlining the passage of Scripture and teaching about it. In addition to the main article, each e-zine issue has other articles and things from our writers Tony Clay, Billy Hayes, Josh Clevenger, Lee Snow and Travis Byars. The PFP also hosts a blog which is updated several times a week with articles and links. ~Written by Lee Snow.

~~Article written and compiled by Renee Brown; R16:16 Team Member


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Preachers Have Favorite Passages Too

In the Sower Spotlight

sower spotlight

Each quarter the team at R16:16 is choosing to feature those within the brotherhood who are faithfully working to sow the seed of the kingdom. We do this in hopes of bringing into the spotlight those groups, organizations or businesses whose tireless efforts are seldom seen. Often these works are being maintained on shoe string budgets, yet those workers remain dedicated to seeing them through.

This quarter we are excited to share in the Sower Spotlight: The Preacher’s Favorite Passage (PFP), is a monthly e-zine that is written by a compilation of gospel preachers and organized by Lee Snow and Tony Clay. The main article is written by a guest writer who shares an article about his favorite Bible passage. Additionally the e-zine contains 5 additional articles written be various but regular PFP writers.

PFP - 450

The Preacher’s Favorite Passage (PFP) was started in March of 2012 by Lee Snow. It began for him as a way that would help him in his Bible study. His hope was that by sharing what he was learning with his blog readers he would be motivated in his own study, while at the same time, spreading the Gospel. Since that time it has grown to include the monthly e-zine which includes 6 regular writers, as well as the blog which publishes new content several times a week.

Lee is a graduate of the Memphis School of Preaching. He currently serves as minister for the Gray Church of Christ in Gray, GA. He grew up in Arab, Alabama and began preaching in 2009. Tony Clay is also a graduate of the Memphis School of preaching. He works with the Enon congregation in Webb, Alabama. Tony, a Michigan native began writing for PFP by contributing weekly blog articles. He now writes a monthly column for the e-zine called, “Say What?” which examines various popular teachings and trying them by the word of God to see what is true.

 If you are looking to be led in your Bible studies and want to dig into the word seeking truth, then you will want to take a look at The Preacher’s Favorite Passage 

Here is how you can help:

1. Pray for their outreach. The more they can encourage others and teach the truth the more the Lord will be glorified.

2. Register (for free) to receive their monthly e-zine via your email, or read the e-zine and/or blog regularly online.

3. Tell your friends. You can Like them on facebook or follow them on twitter.


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