Feature Guidelines

R16:16 Feature Guidelines | #R1616

Because R16:16 is a web directory for brothers and sisters from the Lord’s church around the globe we want to offer you an opportunity to feature your blog, business or church page here for our followers to read or be made aware of.

The R16:16 Blog can be used to help spread the word about your site. This blog page can be utilized by the directory members in the following ways. (You must be listed on the R16:16 Directory in order to be eligible to be featured on this website.)

  • Featured Blog  or Blog Article
  • Guest Writer for Devotional Thought or Bible Study Lesson
  • Announcement
  • Business Highlight
  • Blog Hop Parties (Hosted by the R16:16 team)
  • Giveaways featuring products from directory members (Hosted by the R16:16 Team)

Featured Blog or Blog Article
Do you have an article that you feel would be beneficial to the R16:16 readers, some news or information that you need shared with the brotherhood, or an article that is really hitting the web well that you’d like more support for?

Let R16:16 Feature your story.You can do this by requesting that an article be written highlighting your blog. Or, by submitting a blog article that you have written which we will feature, that means we will write a companion article giving details and features from your blog, and then link to your original blog. Once selected we would arrange a date that will be most beneficial to both of us. Our goal is to publish previews of your posting, with a click through to read the rest of the article.

Guest Writer

If you would like to have an opportunity to be a featured writer please submit a devotional or bible study lesson article for review. Our team will review (or have our spouses review articles submitted by male writers) your article and then if selected set a date to post the article on our blog page.


If you have an announcement that would be of benefit to the collective brotherhood, please submit the announcement, 2 weeks prior to the date of preferred posting. It will be reviewed by the team and if selected a date will be chosen to publish the announcement. (Examples: Lectureships, Brotherhood News, Brotherhood Publications/Media Release Information, Special Podcasts, others).

Business Highlight

If you are a business owner and would like your webpage or product to be highlighted for our followers to know about, please submit a request for a review. Tell us what you are hoping to feature and how it can benefit the consumer. Please keep in mind that any product featured should be in keeping with the standards of Christianity.


While we appreciate every article, webpage and product that may submitted we make no promise that a submitted article, page or product would be used or featured, however we will do our best to feature as many as possible.

  • Featured writers must be approved and listed on our blog directory.
  • Articles should be no longer than about 1500 words.
  • They should be reflective of the Christian principles which we strive to live in our daily walk.
  • If the article is devotional in nature please be sure of its scriptural accuracy, we too will check all biblical references for accuracy. Please also list the translation used when quoting from scripture.
  • Please submit a brief author bio, as well as your website information.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any article that might be offensive to the R16:16 followers or does not reflect the purpose in which this blog directory was started.

To submit an article for review please email to: or fill out the contact form below.

Please include your name, your bio, the link to your blog, title, article and any photograph that you might prefer attached with the article.

Contact Us:


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